Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith: Supposedly Dating!

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Is Taylor Swift torn between two young hunks?

We can't independently validate this report, but that's the rumor going around. The hot rumor. It all started when she spent the night of March 23 cozying up to Glee cast member Cory Monteith at Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, Calif.

Then, the very next day, Swift reunited with former co-star and ex-boyfriend, Eclipse star Taylor Lautner, for lunch. Are both just friends - or potential boyfriends?

If it's the latter, how many heartthrobs does one girl need, and who's the frontrunner? Despite her namesake being so hot, Cory might have the inside track.

The Taylors are “good friends,” an insider tells OK!, while Cory Monteith and Swift are more than that - and have been “happily and quietly dating” for a while!

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith at an event earlier this year.

Rumors first swirled that the two were a possible couple in late January, when they were seen at a number of different locales, including a pre-Grammys event.

While bowling with Cory and a few other fiends (like best pal Selena Gomez), she was “effervescent,” according to a witness, and didn’t even let gutterballs get her down - whenever she rolled one, she would laugh and hug Cory.

Maybe she's just a good sport about bowling?

This isn't to say Taylor Lautner is no longer in the picture. The two spent hours laughing and talking over lunch with the singer’s mom at The Farm of Beverly Hills.

Who will win her heart, Cory or Taylor? Who should Swift date - and do you believe the rumors tying her to Monteith? Weigh in with comments.


I think taylor times two is perfect...Damn they are so.. Adorable but if taylor wants cory its up to her..


wow!! arent you suppose to date more than one person so you can get to know them?? and at least shes not having sex with both of them and "taylors Ls girl" you can stfu!! because Taylor L. is never going to marry you!!


I think that Taylor and Cory make the CUTEST couple. Not that i think her and Taylor don't, just that her and Cory are awesome. Then again, this was posted almost a year ago... soooo I don't think it's valid anymore. So yah.


I think that it doesnt matter who Taylor swift dates....Its none of our business anyways. I really like Taylor Lautner he is a very sweet guy but Cory Is Hot and cool too! I love TAylor she is the bomb and she will never go down in my book! LOVE YOU TAYLOR!


i have the blessing on this. caylor = love. i think cory will take good care of taylor :)


i think cory isnt really goin out wid taylor but then again im sayin that cause i luvvvv cory


Okay. First off, I'm a fan of Cory's since I love him in Glee. But, seriously, I have to say if dating Taylor S. makes him happy, alright then. It's whatever the both of them decide to do. Taylor Swift has kept her publicity down for a bit, although there were some rumors about her and John Mayer (that one was disproved a long time ago)and her still probably liking Taylor L. Seriously, I don't think Taylor S. is that slutty enough to date two guys at the same time. Her and Taylor had their shot and it didn't last. Maybe with Cory she'll be happier. Everyone breaks up and gets together with someone else eventually. If they do break-up later in the future, oh well. They'll either get back together or go find someone different. Personally, I don't mind Cory and Taylor going out. Even if I am a fan of his. The two of them look really cute together.


what the hell guys she can choose who she wants!!!! and whoever Taylor L's girl is she is not a slut or a whore and there is no crime dating two people at once!!!!




I think she should choose Cory cos if her and Taylor L get married they'll both be "Taylor Lautner" which has some potential problems lol. All joking aside, it IS up to her lol xx

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