Taylor Swift Thinks Taylor Lautner is Hot

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She may not be dating Taylor Lautner anymore, but that doesn't mean Taylor Swift can't shower the actor with praise.

In the latest issue of Elle, the musical superstar is asked who she finds hot and replies: “Um, well... Taylor Lautner.”

Give Swift points for honesty, and for remaining so grounded in the face of such fame and success. Below, we've posted a few more excerpts from her Elle cover story/interview...

Is she relly ferless? “I overthink everything. I overanalyze everything.”

On one of her biggest fears: “Me making a bunch of bad decisions and embarking on a painful, slow, devastating tailspin.”

On scrutiny in the press: “I’ve had countless opportunities to do some really bad things. And then people start combing through everything I do trying to find the next mistake and misperception, which leads to more scrutiny... i’s not only about your own moral compass, but the moral compasses of other people that you don’t know.”

On writing about her relationships: “I like to categorize the various levels of heartbreak. I’ve only had that happen once. A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbreak is worth a few albums.”


i guess she realize that she broke up with a hott guy she so studip


I fell really bad for what Kayne did to her at the VMAS. If she won a Grammy, she must have won for a reason. I mean, who gets a Grammy when you are 20. Stop being mean!!!!!!!!!!1


Taylor Swift is a very talented woman. I wish I could be like her. She is not like woman her age. Her song are very good and I like the song`Love Stoy`` because she talks about Romeo and Juliet. Her song are great, her voice too. I wish I could sing and write songs like her.


I personally think taylor Swift is a very talented female. I admire she writting the songs and not needing help to write them like others. She is very honest about her feelings and is open to things. She sings from her heart and not to please others. She is very beautiful too.


she is amazing!!!!!!!


Hellion,Michelle ,Orila, KayKay Being Bitches much .She totally rulez are youll Satan worshipers


OMG Thank you to the people who think she is overrated. I have always thought she was. She cannot sing to save her life, and her songs are so freaking corny and lame. She is fine for girls under the age of 12, but to put her on a pedastal and all the awards she has won? She doesn't deserve them. She is proof that the music industry doesnt care about talent, it's about whats popular. The same with Ke$ha, I mean her song is such a joke. KanYe was soooooo right at the VMA's.


some of you guys are so horrible.
she is 20 so yes, it is possible to be in love and have your heartbroken. my frieds parents were in love when they were 15 and they still are nearly 20 years later.
he songs are amazing and she actually writes them which just gives her more points.
plus she looks BAUTIFUL in these pictures.


She's so overrated. SHE CAN'T EVEN SING!!


She's actually 20 and she writes what she knows and what she knows has gotten her this far so if you don't like her back off, and ignore her, as for me I personally think she's amazing

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