Rielle Hunter to Sit Down with Oprah

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Rielle Hunter's 15 minutes of fame are going for some kind of record.

Her story will simply never die, with Oprah Winfrey the latest to help her milk it. She's shown John Edwards a big o-face. Now she's coming face-to-face with the Big O.

It was revealed last night that Oprah scored the first TV interview with John Edwards' weird mistress, a report confirmed Tuesday by the Big O's production company.

The date for the interview has not yet been announced, nor has her wardrobe for the sit-down. We're hoping for that pearl necklace from those hot GQ pictures again.

She's a classy one, that Rielle.

A Rielle Pic

Rielle Hunter and Oprah: An interview not to be missed.

For whatever reason, Rielle Hunter was apparently courted by both Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer as well, but ultimately went with Oprah, reportedly because she felt O “was more spiritual and would get her.” She's a spiritual one, that Rielle.

It's unclear whether she will discuss the details of the John Edwards sex tape, how she slept with a famous married politician and pulled the goalie to cash in, whether he provided her with campaign hush money, or what her future holds.

Regardless, we're waiting for Elizabeth Edwards to kill her.


HOW LONG does it take to the GRAN JURY to indict John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards for abusing the TRUST of the American people and misusing their $$$$ for a gold digger (RH)?


big fat azz O the first to leak the garbage as usual. wonder how much the a-hole payed her.


Just when we hoped we would never have to see or hear from her again, Oprah brings her back. Doesn't Oprah realize that no one was missing her, we were relieved that she wasn't in our faces. There is no such thing as 16 minutes of fame.


Please pardon me,but I do Not believe there is anything that I need to know about this hen that she hasn't already revealed.


This horse faced doper will make a fool of herself. She should pledge to return all the money she stole from hard working people during the election year. This ho is a crook, doper and home wrecker. Edwards and Druck can stink anyplace up, even hell where they will be rosting.


Another whore.....is this all you have...you need to change the sites name to Whore-n-Wood Gossip


Here we go again. This lady is just as bad as Tiger's mistresses. Why do we continue to glorify and give media attention to adulteress men and women? Shouldn't we honor people who actually make marriage and/or relationships work with honesty and trust? I know we all love a bit of gossip but someone like Oprah giving this woman the time of day is beyond me.


Wonder if Johnny will have been indicted by then? She can talk about how she testified against him before the grand jury even though she'll love him until death.

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