Should Elizabeth Edwards Kill Rielle Hunter?

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She developed terminal cancer. Her husband used that to garner sympathy while running for U.S. president, all while cheating on her with Rielle Hunter.

He then knocked Rielle up, lied about it many times, and may have even used political campaign funds to perpetuate a cover-up. Yet she stood by him.

His former aide came across a John Edwards sex tape. Rielle posed like a total hoe in GQ magazine and basically said that the affair was all his wife's fault.

How long until Elizabeth Edwards takes this b!tch out?!

The Rielle Hunter GQ pictures had to be the last straw. She ripped Elizabeth and says she and John Edwards were in love. Will this private hell even end?

People magazine asks how much more Elizabeth can take, but read between the lines. What they're really asking is: What's she going to do about it?

We think that the best defense is a good offense.

We're not suggesting Elizabeth actually kill Rielle Hunter, or insinuating it's even crossed her mind, but come on. She's got to get revenge somehow, some way.

What better way to finish this soap opera, right? She can divorce John and take all his money, but that skank Rielle? She deserves something far, far worse.

Okay, maybe not actual, physical violence. But at least having the fancy house she lives in (and John Edwards paid for) toilet papered to high heaven.


Woops, I meant "Carol".


Lmao at Carol, who referred to John Edwards as a "young, strong man". Young? (I'll let the strong part go, even though the guy has always looked to me like a stereotypically dorky attorney, if with slightly poofier hair). But I'm pretty sure even my 80-year-old mom wouldn't view John Edwards as "young"! Haha. Carol made a funny. :)


You should all get a life. What happened to them happens in everyday America life. Fuck them all. They all have money, they can pay a therapist or go on vacation to a paradise spot and forget about it. There are more important issues than these people's circus, such as word hunger, unemployment and global poverty. They got themselves into it, not a single one is an angel in this story.


Go ahead, Elizabeth, ice the skanky beeatch!We're sick of this worn-out little hoe anyway!


What an awful post. How sick are you guys? My god.


Carol? You're delusional. Yes, I've also heard that Elizabeth Edwards isn't exactly the nicest person in the world, but are you for real?? I am so sick of people like you making excuses for John Edwards dipshit behavior. "She drove him into the arms of another woman?" You cannot be serious. Like Elizabeth or not, she's not the one who lied and cheated, No, that would be her "poor" husband. Yeah, "poor Johnny" who was so inconvenienced by his wife's terminal cancer that he just had to go out and have an affair with a complete floozy.


Elizabeth seemed like the biggest jerk of all time on Oprah show. A young strong man cant stop living because he is married to an old sick woman. When she married that younger man, she knew this day was coming. Elizabeth seems like an evil woman who would drive her husband into the arms of another woman. I'm just surprised he didn't have lots of women as good looking as he is.


In my opinion, anyone involved with John Edwards is either insane, ignorant or both. This woman is just as crazy as Rielle is, just sit back and watch these idiotic liberals duke it out while the country sinks deeper in debt.


I agree with the other posts here. By acting the way she has during all of this, she has come out the better person. Actions speak louder than words is a saying that really applies to this situation. No revenge, no low blows, just be yourself Elizabeth, honest and true, and you'll be rewarded for that later in life and/or beyond that.


Elizabeth,continue to hang tough.Time and again, you have shown that you are made of good stock.Do not let that cackling hen get to you.I will not mention names,but by now we all know that she is good at showing her A$$ in more ways than one.Keep the peace and stay in prayer with your children,and you Shall remain standing Tall!!!

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