Kim Kardashian Spoils Her Nephew

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Through the years, Kim Kardashian has played many roles: sex tape star, reality TV stalwart, Reggie Bush girlfriend.

But the busty brunette has clearly found her cutest calling yet, as an aunt.

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On her official blog this week, Kim posted a few photos of herself and nephew Mason Dash Disick. She wrote: Before I left Miami... I wanted to spend as much time with Mason as possible, so I took him shopping and then we went to the beach! I love spoiling him!! Now that I'm back in LA I miss him so much.

The pictures are adorable, but know what would make then even cuter? If Kim hadn't invite the paparazzi along and milked the time with her nephew for attention and, most likely, money...

Click on the photo to the far right to see the sort of outfit Kim Kardashian wears when taking her nephew, and the paparazzi, shopping.


Hilton Hater - you speak the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth!


@for_real_tho: And you're basing that analysis on... what?
It makes no sense to say "regardless of the spotlight." They CREATED the spotlight. Do you not realize every interaction between them is scripted? Come on. You're smarter than that.


hilton hater, the point is that they are a great, tight-knit family, REGARDLESS of the spotlight.....THAT is the point, dumbass


if she were with Reggie
none of this would be taking place


I will be happy to impregnate Kim if need be. I won't mind all of the cameras I promise.


kim, well well well looks like your 15 minutes are up!!! no covers no party hosting no premiers and no articles on you.... so now you want to go and take pics of yo a** to get sum attention... action speaks louder than words... you really are a attention ho*.


@for_real_tho: That isn't Hollywood-ized? Did the Kardashians not invent that term? EVERYthing they do is for the camera.


it is nice to see a family that is "hollywood-ized" keep it together and support each other like they matter what, they are there for each other and are so affectionate & supportive...even if they look are a little sleazy, at times....


i think she would make a good mom when she is ready to be one


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