Jon Gosselin Still on the Hook For Child Support

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They fought child labor accusations together, now they're back to fighting each other. Despite his recent shady legal maneuver bid for custody, Kate Gosselin wants d-bag ex-husband Jon to pay child support until their eight kids are adults.

That applies no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, says he'll make sure he does despite Kate making bank now - hundreds of thousands on Dancing with the Stars.

"She won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes," he says. "[Jon Gosselin] will have to contribute."

"It's every parent's responsibility."

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  • Kate Glams Up

NOT SO FAST: If Jon Gosselin thinks bitching about Kate's fame and fortune gets him off the hook, he can forget about it. [Photos:]

Jon's recent lawsuit alleges that Kate is an absentee mom who puts fame ahead of their kids. An ironic claim, since she's paying the bills for 'em.

Momjian says Jon has an obligation to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary. If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of the loser's paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

That does make logical sense. As does his sudden openness to a second iteration of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Dude's gotta get a paycheck from something ...

Who should have custody of the Gosselin kids?


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Nope. Kate's lawyer is wrong. Child support is based upon the time each parent spends with the kids and the amount of money each parent makes. If they are not making money then the court can imput an amount that the evidence shows that they are capable of making. If her actual income exceeds his imputed or actual income(which ever is greater) and custody time is relatively equal, she will have to pay him. California courts are gender neutral. No, he does not have to pay child support regardless of her income.






There is no reason at all that Kate should not support her children in any way she chooses. This green eyed jealousy is so sick. She has a right to choose her own
profession. No one complains when a father
chooses a higher paying job and has to commute by air to his job. ITS ok. But the
mother is ostracized by those men who are
like jon and don't want to support their
kids and by single parenting women who had
parenting their own kids. I am glad kATE
has these blessings of God in her life and
I believe her heart is loving toward her


this woman is such a hipocrite, how can she keep on saying its all for the kids, she,s never home, has nannies , cooks etc flys all over the countryside, when is she ever home apart from stopping off to repack to go off somewhere else, she is living a lifestyle of a single person not a mother of 8 kids, she says this is normal for a single mother who has to suport these kids please tell me where this is normal for women with large family to be away so much always at the tanning salon shopping eating out all the time ect ect as far as I can see the more time away from her reponablities the better she likes it go home kate you have no talent and no business been on tv


You people just don't get it!! Kate started off like any other reality show...her family was unique in it's own way and everyone enjoyed watching was a wonder how anyone could cope with so many babies, with or without nannies...not to mention a husband that didn't contribute or help...who needed constant ass kicking to help out! It was Jon the douche bag who ran out on his family and let the "golden goose" (the reality show) drop and break into a million has been Kate who has struggled to keep her family together and keep earning the money it takes to raise all these children...sooooo what if she wants to go on talk shows and write is HER way of supporting her don't see Jon the idiot/loser doing anything to help out...HE is the one crying and not helping out his children....come on people...give Kate a can't be easy to handle life in a fishbowl with so many sharks around...I will always be a Kate fan...


The only reason her celebrity "status" is here is due to her poor children. I am a single divorced mother of two and its all I can to work and take care of them let alone travel the U.S., make celebrity appearances on talk shows, etc. Who is "parenting" those poor children. As a divorced parent you have to put your children first, always. Her childrens' childhood will pass her by in the blink of an eye and she will wind up with regrets and guilt. If she really loves her children she will stop and take stock of what is going on. I am sick of her pity party, I'm a single parent providing for my children, etc. Here's an idea spend less, sell the house if you have to, put all material needs aside and get down to basics. Neither her of John deserve those beautiful children. I don't support her or John I think the state needs to appoint a Guardian so they can be evaluated to determine if they are indeed good parents. I hope she falls flat on her cosmetic ass.


I too am sick of the constant "pity party". She put herself in the situation(family, kids, t.v. show) now deal with it like the adult you are. End of story.


I can't stand it anymore. I am really sick and tired of Kate. She was nothing short of b****, the few times I accidently turned onto A&E. She is not the only woman who is a single divorced mother,I was also a single divorced mother of 4 kids' and also a widow. Get a life. I refuse to support anything she is involved in.