Heidi Montag: The Superficial Music Video

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Get ready for the Superficial side of Heidi Montag.

We know, that's the only size she has. This is a girl who values nothing but excess, fame, wealth and vanity (via unintentionally hilarious fake boobs).

For some reason, the 'Tag continues to work toward a music "career," and her latest contribution to that field is this hot music video for "Superficial."

That's the title track from her album. If you're one of the eight people who own it, we pity you. Unless it was a gag gift from someone, then awesome.

"This is real footage we've collected over the years," Heidi told People of the video. "I'm a reality star and wanted to bring that into my music video."

Right, the home movie look is to make it authentic. Or because no one would film a legit video for this and Spencer Pratt made it on PowerPoint. Details.

"Someone like Lady Gaga has to fake paparazzi for her video and create that whole world but that’s the real life I live," Heidi adds. "That's my reality. "

Someone like Lady Gaga has actual talent, too. With that often comes music that actually sells and videos with actual budgets to promote it. Crazy!

Tell us, what did you think of Heidi's video?


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i just didn't need to see the surgery in it.their should be more of heidi .Britney spears relay needs to chat with her.


she sounds terrible she only sounds how she does cause of how the music producers can edit it i bet shes even worse without the extra help. she should just stick to her surgery cause she deffo cant sing :)


...so what, now their Mr and Mrs PRATT!!!?? haha ya couldnt write this shit!!lol


Please tell me this is not for real!! ok, i have to admit, i saw only first 30 sec of it, so maybe there's something worth seeing at the end??


She sounds like a Britney Spears impersonator. Sam I totally agree with your comment. Kody, I would have to say he's in it so much cause he seems to call all of the shots. I love how she's saying that people think she's superficial yet the video shows she is. The saddest clips were the ones of her in the hospital. It amazes me that such a young girl would physically and willingly put herself under the knife like that on purpose. It's also sad that she had a body and face created by God yet doesn't like it and is willing to have man scult a new one. That's messed up.


i coudnt even sit through the first 50 seconds...HORRIBLE


Video collected over the years? Most of these clips are post-plastic surgery.....


I think I'll just not watch it.

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