Heidi Montag's Fake Boobs: Huge, Heinous, Hilarious

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Heidi Montag showed off her newly-enhanced body in Las Vegas this weekend.

It does not look good.

For someone who claims to be all spiritual, she really desecrated pretty much all God gave her in favor of man-made breasts and a plastic-looking face.

Way to go, Heidi!

Seriously, how pissed is Spencer Pratt right now? You could get a blow-up doll that resembles this for so cheap, and not even have to make pillow talk ...

This is actually Heidi Montag, not a wax replica!

As you can see, not even an steel-reinforced bikini top can contain Heidi's DDD (E?) breasts, which prove there is a threshold in which bigger is no longer better.

Holy freaking crap. Just so wrong. Much as been made of the recent Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, and here you can see the result on display in all its glory.

The results of the latest round, that is. The Hills star had plenty of work done long before she underwent 10 additional operations in a single day earlier this year.

If you're considering plastic surgery you need to be talked out of, or enjoy ogling once-cute girls who now resemble cartoons, there's more where this came from.

Click to enlarge pics of Heidi lounging poolside below ...

Those Are Some Big Breasts

Heidi Montag looked way better ...


i think she very sexy and i wish i could have her body of at lest a 36dd i love big boobies and aways wanted a small body had 4 kids and so wish i could look like her shes's a 10 in my book.


that is gross she should be glad for what god and her parents gave her she looks like a fake slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bleugh, she has destroyed her natural beauty to look like a wax model. Its disgusting.


Shes so funkingly sexy if she came to you nude she would squeze you into her enourmous boobs


She is a schi mind blowing i just wanna be a kiss ur brast


They look good to me!


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People who don't like her look...WHO CARES?!?!? There are plenty of us who think she looks hot as fuck now. I don't mind the fake tits, enormous or not. She's sexy as shit. And all you guys whining about how bad she looks, if she came walking up to you nude, huge honkers bouncing all the way, you'd tap that in a heartbeat.


That is not Heidi it is a tranny...a guy, there is no way...she looks like she is 50 with bad plastic surgery. Sick absolutely SICK

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