Heidi Montag Accuses Adam DiVello of Sexual Harassment on The Hills Set

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Some people just won't stop in their pursuit of what they want.

This either applies to grabbing fake boobs or celebrity news headlines, depending on whose side you believe. Sources close to Heidi Montag say she is accusing the creator and executive producer of The Hills of touching her inappropriately.

"Tension on The Hills set has escalated in the last few weeks and Spencer and Heidi are close to bringing legal action against the show," an insider tells Perez Hilton.

The alleged sexual assault by Adam DiVello happened after Montag's recent round of plastic surgery procedures, Speidi is claiming. The inappropriate behavior included DiVello touching Montag's "ass cheeks and lower back."

Somehow we doubt it. Who would even want to at this point?

That is a Huge Rack

Did Adam DiVello fondle Heidi Montag? If so, gross!

Rumors have plagued Adam DiVello for years about the nature of his relationship with The Hills' former heroine, Lauren Conrad and inappropriateness there.

No charges or lawsuits have been filed against him, it's worth noting.

Those close to Heidi say Adam's inappropriateness towards her is one of the reasons why she has had a large number of security people with her recently.

A source says, "Adam can get away with it with [Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari] but not with Heidi! He is a pervert and a creep. The other girls dont feel they can't defend themselves because they are afraid they will lose their job."

"Heidi Montag will not tolerate sexual assault in the workplace!"

Truly, she is a modern day feminist hero to look up to.

No comment yet from Adam DiVello, or even from Heidi Montag, so we'll see if Perez's report (or her alleged claims) is legit ... or as fake as that rack.


Heidi looks completely ridiculous because her new look scream plastic surgery. With that said, if indeed she was the object of unwanted sexual advances that is totally inappropriate and just becuase she looks like a bimbo does not mean everyone can touch the goods.


ew!!!! what a whore!! she just wants an attention from public. gosh, look at her boobs!! it's soo fake and she looks like plastic doll.. plastic surgery?? come on!! she should've appreciated of what she had before.


Just because she looks hideous to most people doesn't mean that this producer didn't grope her, or the other girls on set. there's no accounting for taste, remember. if it did happen, good for her for standing up for herself. But unfortunately if it did really happen, she has done too many ridiculous stunts to get attention that no one will believe her now. a new children's story for ya, the attention whore who cried wolf


Now who in their right mind would want to haul around these two 'plastic puppies' all the time?


Boards like this are infestyed with Spencer and their pr people posting good things about them, the same way Kris Jenner invades boards for her whore daughter's show. Freaks who have no life will do anything for these reality people just so they can feel fame by proxy. Reality shows have made a whole subgroup of wannabes and their followers. They have ruined good sites with their ridonkulous postings on the talents of these no talent nobodies. Heidi and her lord and master, Spencer, are just scum and any thinking person knows that, of course that means the freaks will always support them for an autographed photoshopped pic.


Just doing it for attention..The show is ending this season, she has to pay for all that plastic surgery somehow


Eww she is not hot! Do you have spencer goggles on?


Well we all know Heidi is hot as hell, but there's no call for that behaviour!

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