Kristin Cavallari "Disappointed" in Heidi Montag

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Is fame going to Heidi Montag's head? Has it been for the last five years?

The Hills vixen and co-star Kristin Cavallari certainly seems to think so.

"She changed her number, I can’t get a hold of her," she said recently.

At a recent MTV photo shoot, Heidi Montag showed up with four bodyguards and refused to pose with her other Hills cast members, acting like a total diva.

Even Spencer Pratt called her out on this behavior.

"No one saw her because no one was allowed to speak to her," Kristin said. "She didn’t even take the group photo with us which was really disappointing."

CLASH OF THE HILLS TITANS: Team Kristin or Team Heidi?

She did have a piece of bit for the results of the infamous Heidi Montag plastic surgery operations she underwent: "Honestly, Heidi looks better in person."

Well, that's not actually saying much, come on. But good try, Kristin.

The Hills final season trailer was just released in advance of the April 27 premiere. How would Kristin feel if former star and rival Lauren Conrad returned?

"I hope Lauren comes back," she says. "I think that would be awesome."

As for Heidi and Kristin, we smell a rivalry coming. Pick a side:


if there is to be a feud between the two i think i would side with heidi...
simply for the fact that i don't think she is evil, and i think kristin is. the only person heidi seems to hurt, is herself. kristin goes out of her way to hurt others, it makes her feel better about herself...she is a self loathing person who probably got little to no attention from her parents growing up. sure heidi is fame crazed, and has gone completely into weird cat lady faced plastic surgery...
but that doesn't hurt other people in any way, except for maybe their eyes.
okay, perhaps it hurt her mother and sister...because to see someone close to you do that to themselves has got to hurt... anyway, heidi is not pure evil...kristin is.

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