Free Tony Dovolani From Kate Gosselin!

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We have two words for you, Dancing with the Stars fans.

Free Tony.

Kate Gosselin is so standoffish on the show, she has staff members contact her through her bodyguard and is driving partner Tony Dovolani up the wall.

"When the show needs to contact Kate, they go through Steve," a production source says, referring to none other than her rumored fling Steve Neild.

"She acts like a major celebrity. It's a joke with the cast."

Having also come under attack for being an absentee mom this week, the stress may be getting to Kate Gosselin, who in turn "tortures" poor Dovolani.


Gosselin, who's been called a "super bitch from hell" but survived another week on Dancing with the Stars, hasn't bothered getting to know any other contestants.

"When she is getting her hair done, she is on her BlackBerry the whole time... [she] is not making herself likable," an insider says of the infamous Type-A mom.

"If she tagged along, they wouldn't ask her to leave, but they wouldn't be overjoyed either. She's not much fun," another source adds. "She's in full diva mode."

Bearing the brunt of Kate's wrath? Tony Dovolani, the pro dancer unfortunately tasked with being her partner. He's already threatened to walk off the show once.

If only we could save him from the banshee. Unfortunately, people keep voting for Kate to stay on. It's like ABC is rigging the votes just to eff with the poor guy.

It stops now. Do not vote for Kate next week. Free Tony!

Free Tony

Support the cause, people. Support the cause.


I know Tony makes his living as a teacher and is probably getting paid very well, but no one has to put up with the crap Kate is dishing out.
Who wants to listen the constand whining about how hard it is being a single mom.
For crying out loud Kate you are not the only mom of 8 in the world and they don't have 5 nannies, a cook, gardener and who knows what.
Get back to earth girl and stop treating others like you did Jon.
He is no price, but when he was home, you bossed him around and he did the work.
Go home and look after your kids and stop looking for a house in Hollywood. You will not make it there. FREE TONY


America - a man's sanity is hanging in the balance here. Can you really subject him to another week of this? Let it be on your conscience. In all honesty the show's producers may keep this going no matter what since Kate and her two left feet are turning out to be ratings gold. Tony may need therapy before this is over.


I believe the votes are rigged. They keep thepeople on the show who people hate just to keep ratings up.


I also believe that the show rigs the votes. Look how long Cloris Leachman was kept on the show during her season when it was obvious that she could not dance. Carrie Ann actually said on the show how it was a shame that she was still around when people who could dance were voted off. The same goes for Kate. Just watch her, she obviously cannot remember the routines that is why Tony just has her walking around the stage. People like this should not be a part of the show. It is a disgrace to the show, the performances and a burden to the poor professionals who have to deal with these people. There is no way in Hell that Buzz Aldrin was ever going to make it on the show. He is a great American but she was a waste of time on the show. The producers should know this and not put the professionals through this agony. Give them a break and give them someone who is worthy of the show.


lol...the really wierd thing is that the same"sources" are saying how real and sweet she is in person...hmmm....seems like we all can justmake up our own sources and stories to go along with it, kinda stupid...




This is GREAT!



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