Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: I Didn't Kill Anna Nicole!

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One of the shady doctors charged in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case claims prosecutors have no evidence he conspired to pump her full of drugs.

As a result of this "misunderstanding," Dr. Sandeep Kapoor wants the judge to throw out some charges he faces in the late model's 2007 death.

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Kapoor's lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, filed legal papers asking the judge to reject the prosecution's claim that Kapoor teamed up with Howard K. Stern.

The accusation: Kapoor, Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich made a conscious effort to fuel Anna Nicole Smith with drugs that ultimately killed her.

As usual, it's a very fine line and difficult to prove.

IN SANDEEP $H!T: Dr. Kapoor allegedly broke many laws.

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor claims he prescribed drugs for Anna before he met Eroshevich, even refusing to fill a prescription list Eroshevich faxed him.

Kapoor also challenges authorities' allegations of his obtaining Anna's 'scripts by "fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation," according to the filing.

In the court papers, Kapoor acknowledges filling a prescription for Anna under a pseudonym, but he claims he only did so to protect her privacy.

Not, as prosecutors say, to "divert drugs for illegal sale or use." Of course, the long list of felonies he's charged with is unlikely to be fully tossed.

Three years have passed since Smith's death, and more may follow before this case - making the Dr. Conrad Murray case seem simple - is resolved.


Something has to be done to make it harder for these celebrities and their sycophants to get their hands on and abuse prescription drugs. Hopefully when Kapoor, Stern and the other doctors in the Anna Nicole Smith trial are found guilty, it will be the wake up call these people need!


Well, seems like a good try- but not likely to succeed. this judge seems dead set on having all three of these guys hang around for trial- and i'm glad- it's about time that celebrities and their entourages learned that their actions have consequences. Maybe this could be just the thing to put an end to the recent rash of celebrity overdoeses.


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Fuck you so sorry! No she didnt. What you just wrote is fucked up! I hope u die!


Larry Birkhead said under oath during Daniel Smith's Inquest, April 2008, that Anna Nicole gave ecstasy and methadone to her son Daniel because "Anna would prefer that Daniel do drugs in her presence instead running around experimenting with his friends." She was directly responsible for her son's death. Anna starved her newborn daughter Dannielynn in order to have a sexy baby, future model and reality star. Anna lived by the sword and died by the sword.

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