Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich Arraigned on Felony Charges in Anna Nicole Smith Death

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Howard K. Stern, the former companion and wannabe baby daddy of Anna Nicole Smith, was arraigned today on 11 felony charges related to her drug use.

The charges include allegations that Stern, the late model's principal enabler, helped the Playboy model score opiate prescriptions using aliases, a major crime.

He is also accused of helping administer them.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, both of whom treated and allegedly prescribed drugs to Smith, were each arraigned on six felonies as well.

All three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Howard K. Stern Photograph

Howard K. Stern is in hot water over Anna Nicole Smith's death.

Howard's attorney, Steve Sadow, charges against his client "BS" at a press conference afterward, and claims that Anna Nicole Smith was "not an addict."

He says the medications given to Anna were prescribed for pain relief, and there therefore, she wasn't an addict. Not sure that adds up, Steve, but hey.

Anna Nicole's health was Howard's "main concern," his lawyer said.

Tuesday, a Los Angeles Times report described the death as a pharmacutical suicide. Like the Michael Jackson case, time will tell if a jury finds that the defendants below played criminal roles in Smith's death, however it's classified ...

Howard K. Stern Mug Shot
Sandeep Kapoor Mug Shot

Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.


Many potent drugs make you incapable of making sound decisions. Videos shows and testimony alludes to her never "coming down" long enough and being isolated from outside contact. IMO Howard K Stern seen Anna as a cash cow before from the beginning knew where she was headed, and planned to milk her from the grave. Keep in mind, I wasn't a big fan of how Anna lived, but I am a reasonably intelligent person with a keen sense for BS.


he just couldn't let her live her life...they all deserve to go to jail


such horrible people drugging her up


xxx,I think you should wake up and read up on some of news about this, Anna was on her drugs before Howard came along,who got them for her back then???Anna went to the Bahamas,because she was getting away from Birkhead.He got what he wanted,A golden Egg.Anna was a very sick woman,no one got her in the drugs,But herself,There are a lot more people out there that was her friends,that was there for a hand out,wait til the trial is over??Hope Howard comes clean,The Drs are the ones.


I said once and I will say it again, Stern, Erosevich and Kapoor killed Anna Nicole and they have to pay for that murder. Stern also killed her son Daniel, it is so obvious that he pretended to love her, took her to a remote island, away from her family and friends, lied about being the father of her baby girl, the first day that Daniel visited her mother he died, for sure Stern gave him a drink with drugs in it, the same with Anna Nicole, instead of taking her to a rehab center, he drugged her all the time, so she could do everything he said because she did not have the strength to defend herself. They killed her to get her money, for sure they were going to kill the baby too. I hope they find them GUILTY and give them the death penalty.


People who make comments about other people's choices usually don't realize what addiction is. People with addictions need help to STOP, not help in feeding their addiction; if it were their son or daughter they might think differently.


What the hell are you two talking about ? you people are full of Sh*t people make mistake all the time ,but the doctors should not give drugs out like that
it was their choice not to give it. it was their responsibility not to give them . if you go to the doctors and tell them u want some drugs they are going to call the police or tell u they cannot do that, so why not not do the same for the celebrities?.


I think that when we make our choice's in life we should be held reponsable. For every action there is a reaction and Ana made her choice's and paid the altimate price. If any one else made a wrong choice then they should be held accountable! Live smarter make better choice in life and you will have less problems in your life!


anna nicole was an adult woman not a school girl. she made her own choices. where is personal responsibility ? anna nicole had sex with her doctors to get drugs. her behavior was selfish and immoral.

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