Crystal Bowersox is Completely Committed to American Idol

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Barring a collective, nationwide brain fart, Crystal Bowersox will be crowned American Idol champion next month.

But the season nine favorite came close to walking away from the competition a few weeks ago, as the pressure reportedly got to her and Crystal has to be convinced to stay by Ryan Seacrest.

While Bowersox has confirmed via Facebook that she had a "moment of doubt," she was asked by TV Guide Magazine this week if she was 100% committed to the show? Her response: “Of course. Or I wouldn’t be here.”

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As for her Tuesday night rendition of "People Get Ready," a widely praised performance that brought the singer to tears, Crystal reiterated that a certain audience member caused her to break down:

“I love my dad. He’d go through hell and high water for me. He was wearing sunglasses [and] I knew he was trying to hide the fact if he cried. I looked up and saw the mirrored sunglasses and I was like, ‘I know he’s crying.’ And I just [lost it].”

Crystal also ditched the guitar and looked more dressed-up than usual for the single. Asked about the changes, she said:

"Just because I have dreadlocks doesn’t mean I can’t be elegant and pretty. I don’t have to wear jeans and ripped-up clothes. I’m a woman.”

She'll also soon be a champion.


Bowersox is great and will do well after American Idol. She is true to herself. Try pleasing everyone on stage knowing there are people that say mean things about you. I only hope Bowersox does not read the bad. Go Bowersox!!!


Crystal, you're neither elegant or pretty -- honey,you look like a bag lady at a bus station, no matter what dress you wear. Crystal Sourbox coming to a bus station near you!


I don't think Crystal is great at all. I don't believe she will do any good in the recording world. Her singing is very everyday stuff, that I find very very boring. I also think the judges are making her out to be the best thing since sliced bread. Looks and sounds like a jack up.


Irene, I'm starting a club on Facebook to keep Sourbox from winning -- she's overrated, extremely arrogant, comes across very cold and unappreciative of her fans. Can't warm up to her. I'll never forget the look on her face when she learned she was in the Top 12 -- just a blank stare, no excitement -- its like she knew. She's so full of herself - she looks like a bag lady who sings for nickles at the bus station. Eeeewwww!


I have started a fan club on Facebook if you are a fan please join Mama Sox you will win


I'm not watching anymore. I am sick of those judges and the way they treat certain contestants and then others which are worse get the royal treatment. I understand, they want another Adam Lambert, but Adam is probably once in a lifetime, kind of talent. The judges can not make an Adam Lambert with any of the contestants they have. If they had lowered the bar which was already lowered with what they had, they might have seen some real potential.


Her voice has its moments, but her lack of control is way guys seem to just pull for the edgy performer & not the best vocals...she is simply, not the best...her mediocrity has been widely publicized, why not report this? Oh, because you think her last performance was her best? WEll, it was pretty pitchy, and not anywhere near the best.....of anyone...that I've heard, on this show. If a few tears and a shaky, cracky voice at the end of a perfomance makes it, you are wrong...not idol worthy, at all.


I don't know, winners on American Idol don't do as well normally (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood being exceptions to the rule of course), I'd rather her come in second, and get to do a record that she wants to.


I dunno.. I used to love her! But suddenly I feel that she overrated. I mean, we all KNOW she's talented but I don't want to read about her EVERY single time there's an article about American Idol! I fear that with all the press she's having (good or otherwise), we'll have a repeat of last season. That said, Lee is waay underrated.


She's screwed tho, cause no one cares.

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