American Idol Performance of the Season: Crystal Bowersox, "People Get Ready"

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It started a capella - and it ended with as much praise as an American Idol contestant has received in years.

Forget the judges for a moment. Check out what a group of impartial observers had to say about Crystal Bowersox's rendition of "People Get Ready" last night, which brought the singer to such tears that she could scarcely finish. "It was the best performance of the season." "Forget about goose bumps! I had been filled with the Holy Spirit and was jumping up and down in my humble living room screaming, 'Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Alleluia, Alleluia!' I became a born-again believer that "American Idol" could actually be redeemed, saved from its lost and depraved ways by its savior, Crystal Bowersox." "As frontrunner skeptics, it took Bowersox's near collapse into heavy sobbing to finally convince us that her season-long steely calm was not professionalism, but rather a coping device. Despite the crumbling reputation, this is still a big deal, this American Idol show. Crystal seems to know that now."

Bowersox! Bowersox!


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Crystal Bowersox can be added to the exclusive short list of genuine outstanding musical artists to come out of American Idol. Not only is she a compelling song stylist, angelic singer, and fine guitarist, she is also a superlative songwriter, as evidenced by her pre-AI compositions (Farmer's Daughter, Holy Toledo, etc., etc.).


AW, come on. Casey is the best. Even if he is voted out, he will still become a *star*.


The show recaps (just before the voting) are from the dress rehearsal. The compile that before the live show. I admire Crystal. She is just going to be herself no matter what anyone says. It would be great if we were all like that.


With people like Katy Perry and Kesha dominating the charts, this is refreshing to me (if anyone watched Kesha on SNL you'll know what I'm talking about or Katy Perry sing ANYTHING live is like screeching cats!). No I don't like the show, think its all BS but this chick can sing as good, if not better, than most the manufactured pop tarts out there! Go CRYSTAL! And I love the dreads. You people are just judgmental, jealous catty haters. I'll tell you where that will get you....I'd like to see any of you get up there and be that brave! JERKS!


She is terrible, plus in the show recap at the end they played back a clip from the song which she didnt even sing live. If your replay the whole song you'll find its not even in there which is very strange.


Why do people watch this crappy show anyway? The "judges" are a joke and always have been.


Tothehaters: You said it!


Why the heck do you guys feel this performance as mediocre? It's a live singing with passion and perfection. It was soulfull and was amzingly beautiful. She has been consistent throughout. And to all the haters, please get a life. Or yes, how about Taylor Swift or Beyonce singing live for you guys. Prbobably those off-key-notes from these so called big star is what you are looking for. Crystal may not be the best in this business but ya, she has no competition in AI. (To Joyride: She did complete her songs. It was the last line of the song that she missed)


lol...who are you trying to was a mediocre performance at best.....sorry


American Idol is a sober karaoke contest. Ellen Degeneres as a judge??? She knows more about men's penises than she does music.