Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit American Idol, Report States

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Last week, the American Idol judges saved Michael Lynche from elimination.

But a new report suggets this wasn't the first time a contestant came close to leaving the show, only for an Idol mainstay to step in at the last minute.

According to TMZ, Crystal Bowersox stormed out of the studio last month, sick of all the attention from the competition and asked Ryan Seacrest in the parking lot: "What's the point?"

Blown Away by Bowersox

Crystal, who said prior to this season that she had never watched American Idol, wanted to return to her family in Ohio. How did Seacrest convince Bowersox to stay? By stating that a victory would make her a millionaire and:

"The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house."

At this, Bowersox reportedly changed her mind, a decision Fox executives must be thankful for. Can you imagine this season without Crystal, the clear favorite and most unique singer remaining?

Perish the thought.

Down to Seven
Final 7 Pose

And then there were 7: The remaining American Idol finalists posed for a promotional photo this week and als visited Dodgers Stadium. Which of these is your favorite?


I hope Lee Dewyze wins :)


It's funny when they all sing as an ensamble, but the lipsyncing kills the originality and humor. I WANT to see their personalities shine through! Crystal is already a pro, and everyone else is trying too hard.


Crystal doesn't seem to have a lot of diversity. I think she would be very hard to market. She could be like some of the idol winners that didn't go very far. I like Tim Urban, I think he does have diversity and he could be a big star. He would be extremely marketable. If you have noticed, there is a real clearness to his voice. I think Urban has more ambition than the others, and sometimes that is what is needed to make it all work in the big leagues.


Originally, I did not particularly care for Crystal. But now I love her. She is really unique and brings something really different to the show. I hope she wins!


This is the most talented singer on the show. She sings from deep within with a raw inner core that you rarely see. Really hope she wins but even if she doesn't someone in the industry should pick up on her.


Doesn't anyone else question the convenient timing of the release or leak of this story on the Idol scene - in relation to it being done to perhaps prop up or heal the wounded reputation of Ryan Seacrest after last Tuesday's disrespectful and unprofessional performance. Surely I am not alone in this thought? Didn't anyone else notice that a main theme in the reporting of this story was actually how Seacrest managed the situation and came to the rescue and "saved" the day - pun intended. I so have a gut feeling on this one folks - anyone else have this feeling. Seems a little transparent in the timing of this story "getting out".


Crystal is the only one I enjoy listening to. Katie did well on Beatle night and so did Michael but he is very annoying. He thinks that he is the best in his own mind and I was glad they voted him off, and was mad when they saved him.


I quit watching this stupid show years ago.. but she has me sucked in. If she doesn't win, I'll quit once again. For good. SHE IS THE ONLY REAL PERSON ON THAT SHOW.

Vikki lou

I love her!! im so glad they didnt change her too much 4 the live shows she's so lovely!! Im from the uk and would deffo buy her stuff, she's going global!!!!!


She is becoming quite annoying...

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