ACM Awards Fashion Face-Off: Taylor Swift vs. Miranda Lambert

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Over the weekend, for the first time in memory, Taylor Swift was NOT the big winner at an awards show.

In fact, our favorite young superstar went zero-for-five at last night's Country Music Awards, taking home nary a trophy.

That's quite the contrast from Miranda Lambert, who won Video of the Year and Album of the Year. We're happy for her and all, but we'd like to see Taylor come out on top of something this week.

With that in mind, it's up to you, readers. Did Swift out-pretty Lambert on the red carpet? Compare their looks below and then vote:

CMA Beauty
Huge Winner

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Who looks hotter?

Check out the full list of winners at the CMAs now:

  • Entertainer of the Year: Carrie Underwood
  • Top Male Vocalist: Brad Paisley
  • Top Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert
  • Top Vocal Group: Lady Antebellum
  • Top Vocal Duo: Brooks & Dunn
  • Top New Artist: Luke Bryan
  • Top New Solo Vocalist: Luke Bryan
  • Top New Vocal Duo: Joey + Rory
  • Top New Vocal Group: Gloriana
  • Single Record of the Year: Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now"
  • Top Album of the Year: Miranda Lambert, Revolution
  • Song of the Year: Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now"
  • Video of the Year: Miranda Lambert, "White Liar"
  • Vocal Event of the Year: Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins, "Hillbilly Bone"
  • Home Depot Humanitarian Award: Montgomery Gentry

It's about time people notice real talent like miranda lambert. I think taylor is way too skinny kinda makes you wonder if she's eating enough anyway miranda deserved those awards she is beautiful, a great singer and a role model for all women it doesn't get better than a "hot tough country singer" like her


Taylor Swift looks beautiful here,she is a sweet girl and a good songwriter.


also I forgot...i have been a fan of Taylor swift but there is a video of her on her website i think that I watched a few weeks ago and it kinda disturbed me. It was of her acting (mental disabled or like a "dork" talking with her friend about wanting to win the acm's also she is on there running around screaming to her sound men ''HEYYY IM NOMINATED FOR ACMS!!" it just came across as so conceited the way she did it.. you should watch it... I kinda lost a lot of respect for her after watching it I was dissappointed .. I am sure many others have lost respect too b/c of that


I will admit Talyor can write some good songs and I do listen to some of them .. so i respect her as a writer. But, Miranda writes most all her songs too and she has a great strong voice that sounds good live. I have seen both of these in concert (live) and Miranda blew me away. She deserved the awards I play her CD everytime I get in my car or have wine nights with my bestfriend. GOOO MIRANDA IM SOOO PROUD. AS for Taylor I don't think anyone should trash her but I am happy someone else got appreciated for hard work not just hearing Taylor alll the time.


Miranda is a beautiful woman who looked gorgeous in this dress! T




Taylor is so skinny, she could pass as a cross-dresser.


Taylor is ugly and thank goodness she didn't win. It's about time people stopped paying attention to the hype and started paying attention to real talent. Taylor showed her true self on the grammies, she can't carry a tune in a bucket.


Oh, by the way, it's the "ACMs" not "CMAs". There's a huge difference! Get your facts right! And one more thing, you forgot to mention that Carrie also took home the Triple Crown Award, one of the most prestigious award, given out only for the 9th time so far, in ACMs 40 year history.


So glad that Taylor was shut out. It's about damn time! Congrats to Carrie, Lady A and Miranda for taking home the big awards!

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