American Idol Recap: Tim Urban Doesn't Suck!

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Tim Urban is a very nice guy, with a great smile and an even better attitude.

But, let's face it: the singer isn't really American Idol finalist matieral. Heck, he's scarcely American Idol semifinalist material, only advancing to the top 24 of season nine after another contestant got disqualified.

It's difficult not to root for Urban, however. Which made his rendition of "All My Loving" so refreshing this week. Not only did Tim avoid another embarrassing critique at the hands of the judges, he actually finished in the top three! Well, THG's top three at least.

Here's how we'd rank last night's Beatles-inspired performances:

  1. Casey James: Taking a page from the solo John Lennon catalog, Kara's former crush put on a tender, touching rendition of "Jealous Guy."
  2. Crystal Bowersox: She played a didgeridoo for "Come Together." Yes, that's a wind instrument. And playing it on stage made us love Crystal even more.
  3. Tim Urban: Did this rendition remind anyone else of The Plain White T's? Great work all around.
  4. Michael Lynche: We still can't envision Big Mike winning it all. Accompanied by a mini orchestra on stage, though, Lynche made his heart show through again with "Eleanor Rigby."
  5. Siobhan Magnus: Look at that outfit (below)! Such a unique contestant, with a sound that also ensures she'll stand out. Went with "Across the Universe."
  6. Lee DeWyze: The judges loved his confidence, but we didn't think it was Lee's best performance. It's a difficult, well-known song to try and cover.
  7. Katie Stevens: Great vocals, didn't seem too old for a change... but Katie still doesn't do it for us. She did change "Let It Be" and made it her own, but that's not always a great thing.
  8. Andrew Garcia: Considered "corny" by the judges. Can we all forget his Paula Abdul rendition weeks ago and just admit that Garcia won't be around much longer?
  9. Aaron Kelly: Sorry. You're cute, but that isn't enough to make this version of "The Long and Winding Road" remotely memorable.

Who was your favorite performer of the evening? Click on each photo below to enlarge pics of each one singing:

Andrew on Guitar
A Standout
Bowersox Picture
Siobhan Photo
All His Loving
Huge Mike
Pic of Katie Stevens

i agree with tim_lover_forever, go you! that was the best comment ever, and i agree 100%! tim is amazing, and he has an amazing voice. everyone who hates on him are all jealous. he has an amazing voice, can play the guitar, and most of all, he has the best personality of anyone whos ever been on the show. i love how he smiles, because you can tell he in a genuinely nice person, and this is why i believe he should win american idol! go tim, im rooting and voting for you all the way!!


Tim Urban definitely makes it to this heart of mine. As far as where I am, the Philippine Islands, jubilation and merriment for American Idol Tim continues. America has spoken. He stays. Hurrah!!! Jumping and leaping for joy here!


OOOpps! correct my mistake please...that should be 2nd paragraph instead of first paragraph (I wrote in previous comment)...and Hilton, thanks for a true and honest statement in first paragraph. You could add also that Tim's voice resounded praise reaching as far as the Philippines where I am. We love you, Tim! You're our American Idol.


Hey you, Hilton Hater, I thought I'd be quarreling with you after reading your first paragraph in Tim Urban Doesn't Suck! But your next statements saved your day from a hellfight with me. Destiny put Tim Urban to the top and I will vote for him to be the next American Idol (but can't, you see, I'm in the Philippines). Here's for mere commenting: Tim Urban is getting better everytime and he is my American Idol!


Aaron just had a rocky night, he'll be fine next week! Back to kick some ass.


While I agree that Crystal is great she didn't play the didgeridoo last night.


Awww I think Crystal is the best... and I'm a die-hard tim fan!!! She has a much better voice than Allison and a huge fan base. Everyone I know is rooting for her to win...literally everyone except myself. So I don't know where you're coming from.... I'm just happy to see Tim get some credit!!


Crystal is on the fast track to being this season's Allison....her like-ability is fleeting. She is too "rough-rocker-chick" for the mainstream Idol-viewers. She will be the one the judges have to use their "saving power" on.....and it will not matter; as, she will go home the following week. She has talent, is more of her drive and soul that draws people in, though. It wasn't enough for Allison, who had a much stronger voice and stage presence.


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