Miley Cyrus to Focus on Acting

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Miley Cyrus appeared on The View this week and hyped her upcoming movie, The Last Song.

For those that enjoy seeing this star on the big screen, they can take comfort: there will be plenty more opportunities to do so.

"I have a record coming out in June and that's going to be the last thing I do in music for a while," Miley told the panel. "I just want to do films 'cause I like being someone else. My music is kind of like my diary. I'll always do that... I just feel like the music industry isn't as positive as I'd like it to be."

At the Oscars

As for Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus opened up about her new man, as well:

"I love him. He is a great person. He's someone I'm holding onto because we very much connect and were both very ambitious and have some of the same goals. My mom loves him and thinks he's wonderful."

Watch snippets from the interview below and then chime in: Are you sad to see Miley leave the music business?


Im trying to understand why some people give Miley such a hard time. i think it mostly jealousy from her younger fans because she has grown up so fast. My observation from watching her on hannah is that she is capable of a broad spectrum of acting. some of her scenes are so intense, emotional and animated that they rival Emmy award winning scenes in popular movies by a list actors.
She appears to be an intelligent, well balanced person who doesn't deserve all the dirty name calling. I do hope she stays on in the entertainment industry.


i really don't want miley to leave the music business! i love her singing, and she's amazing.


these singers need make up their mind up stay singing r act


i don't see why she is giving up her music career to do movies when she has been voted as worst actress of the year...


Ugh..she looks so Ugly...No Afense Miley Fan's and family that's just my opinion im only 10


First of all, Miley is sooo not raunchy on Britney's level. Britney shows her privates, her clothes are way more revealing, and she made a song about having a 3some. Even as a teenager Britney's image was more sexed up than Miley's, she started off sexual. Second, there's nothing wrong with being young and sexy. Third, it's really pathetic of you to wish for somebody to get hit by a taxi. You've got issues. What's with all the hate?


Miley Cyrus is very annoying. I cannot stand her. I would not care if a taxi hit her. Shes worse then Britney. She needs to slowwwwwwwwwwwww down. And I mean way down.


this is such old news....i read this loke a week ago or something....anyway, she said she is not going to make some mmusic for A WHILE after her next album comes out to focus on her acting.....she didnt say she's quitting it....i hope she returns to the music industry fast...


Miley--You will be missed during your leave from music...@kaykay--You will NEVER be missed...As far as your ears bleeding---that's what happens when you don't clean them regularly...And NO--once every 9-months is not enough...
Mile's---look forward to ALL of your films,hear?
@taylor: Like how you stood-up for Miley..Keep up the good work...


kaykay ummmmmm dont listen too her music than. ...problem solved o and dont leave mean comments thats overated


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