Ke$ha: Would You Hit It?

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Ke$ha is a rising music star. The loquacious 23-year-old is just as well known for her off-stage antics and comments, like making out with Adam Lambert.

Or calling out Britney Spears for her lip-syncing bull$h!t.

Or asking John Mayer where his d!ck's at right now.

Or saying she'd love to breast feed Justin Bieber.

Yup, if nothing else, you can usually count on Ke$ha to give you some quality sound bites. She's also easier on the eyes than her weird persona may let on.

Once you get past that smudged makeup and tangled weave (left), there's a pretty hot chick in there somewhere ... or is there?! You tell us by voting here:

Weird Kesha Pic

Ke$ha: Would you hit it?


that is nooooooooooooooooooooot her


That is a trick question, all celebrities are beautiful in different ways, take lady gaga for example, she is a very beautiful woman, with a very beautiful creative imagination. Ke$ha is no different, I see a pretty tenage girl, that just likes to state her opinion, and try to add a few jokes in here and there, she does have a good humor you just need to see it. Also, I seriously think this post is rather disturbing, my opinion still but I just think if everyone was discussing weathor or not, they'd 'hit me' I would be scarred and disturbed in many levels


Ya mean like with a 2x4?


I'd let her slurp a load!


hell yeah


kiesha ur so hot omg


Is that really her?!
She looks so different! I must say, when I look at the bedraggled, drugged- up image of her, I think bitch! But when I look at her all plain and natural, I just think she's a pretty, ordinary, humble american girl.
Ke$ha, the plain look def. suits you better:)

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