Adam Lambert on Ke$ha: She's a Great Kisser!

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Adam Lambert is on record: he won't rule out sex with women.

Following a development this week, we now have an idea of what it would take to land Lambert if you're a member of the softer gender: don glitter and record a number-one single.

Very Much in Love

During a party on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence, the American Idol runner-up played a serious game of tonsil hockey with Ke$ha.

“She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser]," Adam told the radio show BLI In The Morning yesterday.

Care to elaborate, Adam?

"She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup," he told

Sounds like the sort of combination Ke$ha would partake in, doesn't in? She's not your average celebrity.

As for Lambert? “He tasted like blueberries and champagne," the female singer, who performed earlier in the evening, said.

Did the make out session extend beyond the club and beyond first base? No. But if Lambert were to give women a shot, wouldn't Ke$ha be perfect for him?


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Nawwww shucks -_-. I'm jealous yet and happy at the same time, Stupid feels!!!


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grrrowl!! SO JEALOUS!!


I love you Adam!!! You and Ke$ha would be awesome. I suport you in everything you do, no matter what!!! We red heads have to stick together! Like I said, Love Ya, and hope everything turns out the way you want it to in life. Can't wait until I become famous and meet you in person. For now I'm still just dreaming! Kay, Love to you and Ke$ha! Hope it all works out Love with all my heart, Becky!


kesha isn't pretty at all.. maybe adam digs ugly and manly tomboys??


ARG!!!!!!! OMG! i so freakin jealous. I want one too. Can i?

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