Ke$ha Wants to Breast Feed Justin Bieber

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When it comes to Justin Bieber, Ke$ha has the same opinion as millions of girls around the world: AWWWW!!!

Actually, the outspoken singer takes her view of the young singer a bit further. In the latest issue of Maxim, this is what Ke$ha said about the 16-year old:

“He’s a tiny little baby! I would’ve loved to push him around onstage in a carriage.”

We gotta admit: that's the strangest Bieber fantasy we've ever heard. And fans have sent in plenty.

Ke$ha in Maxim

A couple more excerpts from Ke$ha's interview with the magazine:

On the worst pickup line she’s ever heard: “Wanna know my favorite? This guy said, ‘Oh, my God, did you just fart? ‘Cause you just blew me away!’ I was, like, ‘Ew!’”

On her newfound fame: “I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone sometimes - I seriously need to pinch my leg. I’m, like, ‘Am I sleeping? Is this real?’”

Maxim Picture

If I can see justen beiber " my life will be happy. And my sister Alice loves you justen beiber#%


ke$ha ur awesome! i agree with u


Kesha is most amazing person ever! justin excuse me justine is a baby but no way is it adorable it sounds like a chick! Who cares what she said get over it! I personally think that she should not have appoligized!!! So all you haters get over your selves and get a life!


seriously? don't celebs like ke$ha have enough ignorant interviewers, critics, & paparazzi on there backs? I doubt she needs you taking her words & turning them into something different. if any other regular person said this no one would care! but oh since its someone with talent we have to make them look bad. pathetic, find something REAL and actually IMPORTANT to waste your time on!


Hi ke$ha is fantastic. i like you. she's song is the best.:*:D


kesha is the best who cares what she think it is her life justin`bieber sucks he is a baby haha


seriously people?!? You think that fantisy's weird? And your calling her horrible for it?! I do not agree, I am sorry, many erm... 'fan girls' are so obsesed with this justin kid that they buy cardboard poster thing that stands, and it just looks like hes standing, and they talk to it!! One time, my friend went to his concert and almost ripped his hair off! People are crazy for this kid! So it isn't Ke$ha's fault she finds him adorable! 75% of the female population seem to as well! maybe even more! I am not trying to pick a fight or anything, but at least Ke$ha is not obsessed with him.. (Like my friends) (shudder!! O.O)


I kinda agree with Vanessa


This blog is disgusting. They always lie and misquote everyone just to get hits. The Hollywood Gossip is a just a dirty rag.


I agree with vanessa

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