Katie Holmes: Held Against Her Will!

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It's been awhile, but Star, In Touch, OK! and their ilk decided to give Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the week off as the subject of myriad ridiculous tabloid covers.

Taking Brangelina's place in the first of the aforementioned celebrity gossip rags? A rare TomKat sighting! It's like some editor just remembered that they exist!

We haven't seen a good story about Katie Holmes being trapped in Tom Cruise's evil clutches in forever (well, December), but this one makes up for lost time!

In addition to insinuating that Tom got her pregnant with baby #2 (which he is supposedly willing to give her $75 million for), Star says that Katie Holmes:

  • Is getting "prenatal Scientology lessons (whatever that consists of)
  • Is going through "agonizing" detox (of what, who the frick knows)
  • Is having her "leash tightened" (yes, they just likened her to a dog)
Tighten That Leash

PRISON WITHOUT BARS: For Katie Holmes, there is no escape.

For someone supposedly under intense mind control and chained in Tom Cruise's torture dungeon, Katie seems awfully content, albeit a little frumpy lately.

Katie and Tom first got together in 2005. Suri Cruise is thriving and cute. Everyone seems status quo and happy. Could it be that TomKat isn't that abnormal?

That, or the perks of being married to Tom must be really good.


Has anyone ever thought about the fact that they will only publish pictures of her looking upset? It's just good for business. Oh and by the way I also think tom is insane but I'm smart enough to understand marketing


I agree with just Saying....she does look miserable in every pic you see of her,,,even the ones with Suri are not the greatest, something really does not look right with her photos --- and as far as Tom, he can't act (never could) and his pretty boy looks are going fast and he just cant face reality of getting old and although he will always be super rich, that will not make him happy and neither will these perfect little worlds he keeps making up for hisself..He's just plain weird...


for those of you saying she looks miserable all the time, do you go out beaming every day? especially when you have paparazzi on you every single day????? so ridiculous. leave them alone. how could anyone even care sooo much about a family???it's insane


Infamous wannabe Hollywood psychic Laura Bushnell has a little trick up her sleeve once again. Harry Potter Wannabe Bushnell is trying to start a "compassionate" campaign to heal the world!
Was she compassionate when she gossiped about Carmen Electra after Carmen was her client? Was Bushnell compassionate when she plagiarized two books, one belonging to a friend, one belonging to a lover?
Bushnell is a con artist from Idaho, she craves fame. Bushnell casts spells for herself to be rich and famous, and casts spells on her clients,,,,THAT THEY GIVE HER MORE MONEY!
Bushnell lies to her clients telling them they have problems, that only she can solve. Can she solve her own financial problems, her health problems, her latest marriange problems?
Bushnell is a devious snake, beware of her,,she is a Wiccan Witch, who wears vials of dead people's blood around her neck.


For someone who is supposed to be so happy, she looks miserable in every pic on the net. I think she was "in love" with Cruise before she met him. Unfortunately, fantasy and reality are two very different things. Katie looks like a very sad woman CONSTANTLY, not to mention disheveled. Something is not right about that marriage and no matter how much the fans want it to be different, everyone can see it.


Holy hell, she looks OOOOOLLLDDD!


Katie was in love with Tom long before she even met him.When he met her it was a real "Love Connection".They have been married for almost four years.Katie is Not an empty-headed starlet,who was looking for fame when she met Tom,she had already established a name for herself.He was already divorced with two teenage children who Katie accepted and they had a whirlwind courtship that the naysayers chose not to want to believe was real.This young woman continues to be happy being with Tom and their children.I continue to wish this "husband and wife" the best!!!

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