Jessica Simpson, The Price of Beauty Redefine Awful

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Jessica Simpson's career has hit a new low with The Price of Beauty, which premiered last night, and that is really saying something considering recent years.

The show, which chronicles Simpson and BFFs CaCee Cobb and Ken Paves traveling around learning what people consider beautiful, was worse than expected.

Jessica Simpson Covering Her Baby Bump

A lot worse. And again, that's saying something!

What resulted is boring at best, and embarrassing at worst, a pathetic display of rude Americans uncomfortable in foreign cultures and making tasteless jokes.

When Jessica Simpson burst out laughing while meditating with monks in a Buddhist temple, that about sums it up. Bad TV has pretty much been redefined.

This line was also indicative of the night: “I thought Thai massages had happy endings. I’m wondering where mine is.” Yep, Jess apparently wants a hand job.

That's half an hour of our lives we'll never get back.

Later, they meet the host of Thailand’s Next Top Model and visit an outdoor market where he insists they sample fried bugs. The Price of Beauty meets Survivor.

Then it was time for the "serious" portion of the program. Jessica, Ken and CaCee meet young women who lost all their facial skin when creams burned it off.

In Thai culture, lighter skin is considered a sign that you aren’t lower-class. Another tribe wraps rings around their necks to elongate them, signifying wealth.

There was probably a point to this in there somewhere, but if so, it was lost by the fact this show is hosted by Sexual Napalm, a.k.a. Jessica freaking Simpson.

The fact that she hosts a show about beauty standards around the world is absurd in itself, given what a shill she is for so many superficial cosmetic products.

Let's be clear, Jessica Simpson is no Heidi Montag. At the same time, is a girl famous only for looking like a stereotypical blonde pinup a positive role model?

Next thing you know, Tiger Woods will host The Price of Marriage.


This samantha girl and whoever wrote this blog are complete idiots. Ppl like you two make Americans look bad. jessica is doing this show bc she was critisized bc of her weight and she wants to show us what beauty is in other countries. You are just jealous that it's not you traveling the world. Clearly you both are the kind that thinks looks are everything.


Disagree!I LOVE THIS SHOW! Educational and interesting.


Sorry, but i too disagree with this. The show was not that bad ! Yes she did laugh at a monk but she said herself "i did the worse thing possiable". So i think your article was kinda rude and not needed.I LIKED IT !


This samantha person, who do you think you are to call people an idiot that you dont know? Has Jessica Simpson personally told you that she had all that plastic surgery done? Or did magazines tell you? and Usually when people get that mad and worked up over pretty people, it is just because they are ugly. So I am guessing you are just very ugly on the outside, because we already know you are on the inside! Not once did Jessica ever say how natural or beautiful she was!! She said she liked her curves and she was insecure there is nothing about that.. EVERY girl I know is insecure about stuff, but that doesnt mean they dont have something else about them that they like...can you say you are a ignorant dumbass?!


This article "redefined AWFUL"...The show was good, and it is not offensive to Americans. Some of you people are so ignorant....and dumb.


I love the show and I applaud Jessica for doing this. We have to learn to look at the good that is coming from this.
We need to look at the people have been helped and changed by this experience. Whatever you focus on, it what becomes your "REALITY", Good or Bad!


you guys must be kidding. The show is amazing. I think this is one of Jessica Simpson's best ideas and ventures ever!!! Besides you guys do not need to like her or her show because it still had OVER 15 MILLION VIEWERS!!!


I am so embarrassed by this show. The premise is very solid, however, all they succeeded in doing was embarrassing Americans as a whole. She insulted the sacred Thai monks, and then, almost worse, insulted the Thai diet while in the middle of the streets. With her big flashy camera crew etc, people on the street will notice her. Then, they will notice her insulting their culture. then they will generalize her to all Americans. It's so embarrassing. We're having to work hard enough to combat that stereotype.


I really like this show. I don’t see why people are worrying about who is hosting the show….they should be worrying about what women have to go through to look and feel beautiful. As I was reading a comment by Samantha, I was like WOW. Why are calling a person you barely know an idiot? That is kind of rude, don’t you think!? When she said, “one minute she talks about loving her heavier figure and another, she talks about being insecure? Which is it?� I am the same way… I wear a 00, 0, and a 1 in pants. Some days I love my size and some days I hate my size. What's the problem?!


I think it's really great what she is doing. As a woman, I am working to redefine beauty ... as something more complex. Real beauty comes in many different sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities and most importantly is found on the inside. I think the message this show sends is wonderful. To learn more about my work with redefining beauty you can check out my website at and participate in the discussion!


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