Jake Pavelka: Allegedly Cheating on Vienna Girardi, Spending "All His Time" with Chelsie Hightower

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Celebrity gossip magazines are having a field day with Jake Pavelka.

Since proposing to Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor season finale, Jake has been a busy man, signing on for Dancing with the Stars - and becoming a tabloid staple.

Not only has he been devoting himself to his fiancée by stepping out with her at Koi and all the other hip Hollywood eateries, he’s been practicing like a madman.

He's also been accused of cheating by ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas, and been the subject of breakup rumors and office pools ever since he got down on one knee.

Can Jake and Vienna stand the test of time and walk down the aisle? These dueling, scandalous covers would suggest otherwise ... though they're likely bogus:

Jake and Vienna: Cheating!
Jake Pavelka, Chelsie Hightower

Life & Style says Jake was caught cheating. OK! says he's been spending every minute with his sexy new dance partner. Could the stories be related? Or at all relevant?

We're not sure which cover's better, the one blatantly asserting that their wedding is off, or the one implying inappropriate relations between Jake and Chelsie Hightower.

Without actually coming out and saying it, of course.

“Jake’s the same as he was on The Bachelor. When I first met him, I felt like I already knew him,” Chelsie said. “He’s just a real nice guy always looking out for others.”

He really is. Personally, Jake makes THG's day each time he goes on a new reality show or poses for a blatantly staged cover with the two women in his life. Genius.

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


They will probably get married because they will have a grand wedding which includes the platinum wedding, designer gown, rings, honeymoon and much more.
They probably will get a very large check for having the wedding broadcast. Apparently they love, love, love to be in front of the cameras, on the radio and in magazines…
Not a bad way to make a living.


Jake and Chelsea? That's got to be the funniest one yet. But I don't expect anything different from the trashy magazines who print this junk. First of all, Jake is not a cheater. He is so in love with Vienna, and he would never destroy the great relationship he has with her, especially for a roll in the hay (as they say) with Chelsea.


I, for one am looking forward to the interview Tanya Douglas is giving on Inside Edition tomorrow evening. That will be very interesting.


Vienna and Jake are both frauds! And Vienna continues to lie on every interview about her past and who she is! The truth always rises to the top. Cant wait till the whole world sees these two for who they really are!!!!!!


whoa jake is one man-whore


Once DWTS is over, so will the camera and lights for both of them. When Princess Vieanna has to go back to Dallas with her fly boy and live like a real person on a pilots salary, no lights, camera, action, you will see the true person come out. Sorry Jake, that's just facts. Hope you make it big in Hollywood so she won't dump you guy. Question: who is paying for all these hotels, apartments, etc anyway.


Vienna Girandi looks oddly like Stacey Soloman from X-Factor... But back on topic, close dancing isn't considered cheating, Paps.


Agreed. This is strictly to sell magazine covers. Vienna would never appear on the cover in a pose if it was true--though the fact she would even pose for that cover shows how desperate she and Jake are for attention.


To my knowledge the DWTS contestants train with their partner 10 hours a day. I don't think Jake & Chelsie have anymore than their dancing going on. She has more common sense than to get involved with Jake.

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