Tanya Douglas: Jake Pavelka is a Cheating Liar!

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka has been engaged to Vienna Girardi for about 20 minutes and he's already catching heat for it - from ex Tanya Douglas.

Jake's previous girlfriend claims he was in contact with her after he finished taping the reality show, and claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

Pavelka has denied any overlap between his past relationships and his Bachelor stint, during which he met and ultimately proposed to Vienna Girardi.

Not so, says Tanya, who lobbed vague accusations of cheating at Jake in an interview earlier this week, although she was not identified by name then.

She also claims they discussed marriage and that he said the women on the show, Vienna included, mean absolutely nothing to him. Anyone buying it?

Tanya Douglas Picture

Tanya Douglas looks a little Vienna-like, no?

The identity of Jake's ex was revealed this afternoon, for whatever it's worth. For his part, Jake denied Tanya's claims to Entertainment Tonight this evening.

"The relationship with [Douglas] was prior to The Bachelor, it simply did not work out," he said. "There was no overlap with that or any other relationship."

"It is unfortunate that people are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna," the hunky pilot continued.

"I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are together.”

Well? Do you believe Tanya Douglas or Jake Pavelka? And will he and Vienna Girardi, the subject of some shady rumors herself, last?


I don't think Jake has very good taste in women...these trashy broads are out for the publicity...they will next be on their own 15min shows...........can we say LOSERS!!!!


Now the truth comes out -- Tanya was telling the truth (duh!), and Vienna was totally used by Jake, who was only in it to further his "acting" career (turns out he had had a few bit parts before turning to reality TV to give his career a boost). Pretty ironic -- he was the one who warned Jillian that another contestant had a girlfriend! At the time, I thought he had some self-serving purpose for doing that. Sure enough! It helped get him the bachelor gig. Chris Harrison tried his best to make Jake look good in the interview, but Jake just couldn't help showing his true smirking jackass colors. I've known guys like Jake. It's easy to be sucked in and to blame yourself when he turns out to be a total jerk.


Sorry folks..Vienna is telling the truth. Jake has hidden anger issues and was caught up in the fame starting with Dancing with the Stars. I've dated jerks like him " phony charm" convincing but a Monster behind closed doors. He's a little baby Mama's boy which is why he was by himself in the first place even with all "that charm and good looks" Now he's been exposed and tried to hit her to...not surprised Even his dancing with the stars partner said he talked down to her ad had a short temper. Vienna always spoke her mind to the other girls no matter what...why would she change that now...she tells it like it is and Jake is a complete brat...the little kid that never listened to stop when he acted up. What a douche, Spencer Pratt and him should move in together!


All I have to say is that Jake made the wrong decision. Vienne act too much like a spoil brat. Tenly is much more head on thinks more mature. All i see between Jake & Vienne is a physical attraction nothing more but with Tenly i see the woman and family quality. Jake has to wake up and realized the sex thing will not last too long with Vienne if that not what he is really after. If he is looking for a good wife and life Tenly is the one.


If Tanya Douglas is telling the truth, where is the proof? I think Jake is a puppet, a jerk and calculating as well, but he's not stupid. He's going to stretch his 15 minutes out as long as possible. Tanya just made a fool of herself. If she did have a story, it's worth about 50 cents now. You snooze, you lose!


Shugirl, sorry you think I'm stupid because I"m not.
goes to show people judge other people WAY to fast and based one what? I made a comment and you immediately call me stupid? ok smart one. I'm not Viennas friend I do not know her, hense the fact I'm not judging her.... I watched every episode of the Bachelor, and I didn't see anything that Vienna did that pissed everyone off so bad.
what did she do? so everyone is judging Vienna because of things Ali said? thats smart isn't it Shugirl.


I think Vienna and Jake are a wonderful couple, and seem pretty happy together.
and I agree with Torie .... the EX. G/F is just trying to make up lies to get famous. I wish the best of future for Jake and Vienna.


OK--I know this girl and I know her family. She has all the proof of all she is claiming. He has been in contact with her during and since the bachelor ended. She comes from a fine family and is a very sweet small town girl. She is not looking for attention. She has proof that he told her during the show that none of these girls mean anything to him and that he was coming back to her. She came forward to defend her honor. There is way more to the story and pics, texts etc to prove it. It will be revealed shortly. The reason he gave her for going on bachelor to begin with was that 'God told him to'. I hate to show doubt, but somehow I 'doubt' God would tell someone to go on that show to find a mate.


to:3indy72: I think you are so stupid to say that Alli is the ring leader of the mean girls. If eveyone is against what Vienna does, this just shows she is without character as these girls are not only beautiful but they ars smart too, I guess you are Viennas friend whos from Florida and just one of those fake boob girls. I thought Vienna may have her good traits but I believe she is just on for a good life Jake can give. I respected Jake but I think he doesnt make good choices. Vienna seems dumb just like a box of rocks hat I meant by this that she is one "no brains no headaches".


I am no fan of Vienna's by any means. I did like Jake alot when he was on the bachelorette and was glad he was The Bachelor. I am disappointed in him without a doubt cause I dont think Vienna is for him but that is their business. But ---- as far as this Tanya person is concerned, GET A LIFE You are not going to be in the spotlite and by coming out now and saying this stuff just makes you look like a bitter loser. Where were you when Jake started on The Bachelor. Suddenly you had a relationship with him during and after the bachelor. Like I said I am a bit disappointed in Jake, but I dont think he is a total cad to do something like that.