Chick Claims Affair with Engaged Jake Pavelka, Says ABC "Instructed" Vienna Girardi Proposal

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Radar Online may have topped itself with this one.

Citing an ex-girlfriend with no name, and offering no details of any actual sex, that site says Jake Pavelka cheated on Vienna Girardi with some random ex.

His alleged ex-girlfriend says The Bachelor star "made contact" with her after taping the show. Scandalous! He also said that Vienna meant nothing to him.


The woman has not been publicly identified, possibly because she does not exist. But whoever it is gave a garbled interview on some Florida radio station.

In the interview, the woman says that Jake was forced to propose to Vienna Girardi. From what we know of The Bachelor, that part might really be true!

For a guy who's supposedly cheating on Vienna and in love with some nameless other woman, Jake sure looked happy yesterday in his sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres.

“When you get down on one knee and propose marriage to someone I take that very seriously,” she says through distorted audio. “The fact that he did that exclusively because he was instructed to do that, it disappoints me so much.”

Instructed. You knowz it. That's how Chris Harrison rolls.

The supposed Jake Pavelka ex reveals that they had made plans together for the future and even had a possible marriage discussion. She feels she was lied to.

“His actions are a complete 180 of that person he claims to be," she says. "I feel like I'm forced to say something for the sole purpose of defending my honor.”

Mmm hmm. This is even more absurd than the story yesterday claiming Vienna is an evil mastermind who manipulated Ali and conned Jake into proposing.

Jake started calling her after he finished taping The Bachelor, she says, and those phone calls led to an in person meeting and "he told her he loved her."

Whether this is true or complete BS, the question remains: Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last, and actually walk down the aisle?


Hey, could be true! Jake seems to "fall in love with everyone"! Was it 5 women at once in The Bachelor? If ABC made him propose to Vienna, that would make more sense than believing he actually feel for her con!!!! She is a fake and a fraud. Maybe she and Jake are two of a kind. Seems that way since they are both in this for the fame and lying through their very bleached teeth. He is fugly by the way and so is she!!!!!!


If he says he loves her people should just accept that and let them live there live we all know he was better off with tenley or Ali bit if vienna is the one he wants to try this marriage thing with then let them be. For all we know is that they really are made for each other


I mean....Jake will not allow himself to admit that Vienna is not the right choice.


Jake is a great guy. However given the ego that Jake has, he will not allow himself to admit that he made the right choice. And he will prove to the world that he is right by marrying Vienna. I think that Jake tends to shun women who are at par or have profound professional achievements. It looks like he feels threatened.


Actually, this is true. I know the girl personally. I knew of the relationship before I ever even heard of Jake.


is all fake! it just for entertainment purposes only!!!!! in my opion, jake is looking for frame, vienna is also looking for frame too. they are not going to last!!!! IMO... they are wanted to be TV stars and that's all it is!!!


My opinion, Jake is a METRO-Bi-Sexual. This man will never commit (marriage) to a woman. Jake is definitely in touch with his feminine side. Regardless, I do admire his true emotions he had for hurting Tenley.

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