Vienna Girardi: Bachelor Sweetie or Evil Mastermind?

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Vienna Girardi won The Bachelor Monday night. Maybe you heard.

This revelation came not only as a shock, but a huge disappointment to a large portion of the ABC series' viewers, many of whom had fallen in love with Tenley Molzahn and/or Ali Fedotowsky and were hoping Jake would feel the same way.

According to Us, it was all part of her EVIL MASTER PLAN!

Vienna Girardi complained on the finale that her fellow contestants - particularly Ali, now the next Bachelorette, hated her. Perhaps they had good reason.

The magazine speculates that Vienna "set a trap" for Ali, and her adversary fell right into it, eventually taking herself out of the running. Diabolical ...

Vienna Tricks Jake

TURNING TRICKS: Jake was apparently punked by Vienna. Sucks for him.

"You don't see the things Vienna said to me. They were very hurtful," Ali said on the post-finale "After The Final Rose" special, and she took it personally.

"Vienna would always thank us for coming to her 'bachelorette' or 'engagement party,' then tell us we were all going home," another contestant reveals.

"Ali would just call her out on it."

Fiercely competitive Vienna ("she always had to one-up people," another castoff says) zeroed in on Ali as her main rival and vowed to TAKE HER OUT.

"Vienna would say to Ali that she was going to shake her boobs in Jake's face," explains another show insider. And oh, how she shook said boobs. Hard.

One of the girls in the house offers this theory for how Vienna was able to compel Jake Pavelka despite what some think are so many negative qualities:

"I think Jake hasn't ever been with a girl like Vienna and is experiencing a 'wild side.' Once she figured that out, maybe she was a little more seductive."

That about sums it up. Will Jake and Vienna last?


Vienna = mutton dressed as lamb. P.s. I hear Jake has a pig mask fetish.


@Ryan, if you are male or female, go for someone that is silly enough to fall for anything EVEN if it was immaturely done by someone else. Makes you much more immature looking that way. What I had indicated was about having some smarts on Vienna's part. Poor Ali, NOT! She was just plain ugly about it all and got taped as such on this show. Such smart Ali there could not even be more alert on front of cameras since she was too focused on cr*p! Sore looser that just wanted to be back on TV one way or another.
That is not saying anything about who is more mature than the other. One is wiser in ways that erks you all Ali supporters to no end but you all are not any better. I got your panties in a bunch as some ladies would say! Go hate hate hate! If you are male I can tell you that those gals that group-up into stupidity are not a good choice for a wife. That should be left behind in highschool when you do not know any better. Sorry, Ryan, if you are still at that age/stage.


It is all over now....but the cries of "Help Me" from Jake as he is slapped upside the head by the over bleached, stringy hair extensioned, big nosed, cross eyed, phony boobs piece of work. First time she doesn't get her way she will be running to daddy...and he of course will come charging with dueling banjos playing Deliverance to rescue his phoney little princess !!! Oh messed up BIG time...but you will have to live with it all. I am sure your family is well beyonnd shock and disappointment. Funny how there were no episodes of V and Jake's dad.....only his mom and sister in laws....Dad is wise....He sees through the sausage game.


@ MikeA Your attacking Ali for been immature yet supporting Vienna's immature action? Guess that's a typical Vienna supporter/Ali hater hypocritical dumbass arguement.


Hahahaha, good for Vienna if she really said that to Ali. Ali sucks BIG TIME, she is too immature to master anything but trouble. So what if Vienna would have tried to trap someone into feeling bad, there is such a thing as having the guts to just ignore such, why be so low as to have frowny grouchy faces and all and say what Ali said to be caught being recorded!




So, you think 90% of girls are skanky immature conniving bitches?


so basically she's like 90 percent of all girls

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