Brigitte Daguerre: Jesse James Mistress #3!

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Brigitte Daguerre claims to be Jesse James' third mistress.

At the same time, she abhors the term mistress, because she says her relationship with Sandra Bullock's husband was more of a flash in the pan than the others.

Photograph Us!

That's good to know, Brigitte Daguerre. Very good to know.

A Los Angeles photographer, she says Jesse hired her in '08 to do styling work (ha) for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex four times before she cut it off.

Melissa Smith, by contrast, says she had a two-year fling with James. She's totally winning! Still, Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse James ...

Meet Brigitte Daguerre, the alleged Jesse James mistress. How many more of these women will come out of the woodwork before this fiasco ends? [Photo: TMZ]

The cell phone numbers of the two of them do sync up, and not unlike the Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James, many of them extremely graphic in nature.

In a tamer text, he says "I'll be your monkey." HOT! That's how the Vanilla Gorilla rolls, though. Dude goes ape when it comes to pieces on the side, or something.

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre claimed Jesse wasn't letting loose.

He explains, "I'm texting you in secret!" Seriously, what do you want from the guy? Well, besides sex on his office couch, right Michelle McGee? Yep, we thought so.


this is as bad as tiger's scandal


she looks like a whore!


These awesome photos (no matter about who they are) are positively taken by Justice Howard. She's an f-ing awesome photographer. I recognize her work. Jesse, on the other hand, gets no kudo's.


I guess I wonder how much of a real anyone has to spend more than 30 seconds worrying about the personal lives of two rich adults whose lives are theirs to ruin or enhance as they see fit. Aren't there some slightly more pressing issues the could use some of the energy devoted to this trivial stuff. And one other thing why is it necessary to get into low rent name calling to make a point. Jesse James did something very stupid and hurtful that may result in his loosing sandra Bullock and that makes him look like a sexist cheating jerk to everyone in the world. What else needs to be said.


He is a PIG...he's trash just like all the tramp stamped trash he's been pig sleezy whoring with. To all the trash he's been should be so proud, the day the trash has 15 mins of fame. Wow you usually just get dumped on the curb!! You knew he was a married man, and oh get paid for your tabloid trash,how special. I say JJ is insecure and can't deal with a beautiful, smart, successful, ICONIC GEM like Sandra Bullock. Isn't Keanu Reeves available, Bradly Cooper,or any decent guy on the planet?? C'mon guys step-up and take her away from the grease monkey or VANILLA GORIILLA....UGGGHHHHH DISGUSTING!!!


These Hoes are just like cock roaches that come out of the woodwork when they smell money. Face it nice girls are not tatooted up strippers who have sex with CLEARLY MARRIED MEN, who are celebrities, they see dollar signs ahead. But Jesse is clearly an arrogant stupid man to not see this coming, Sandra aside HOW could he do this to his children?? How is he explaining this to his 5 year old with pap's following them to school. Jesse
is obviously not all that because he didn't teach these skanks the Biker Code, none of the women I know would dare open their mouths about anything that went on with their old men.


reminds me of that song ' I like my women a little on the trashy side'


High five JJ. Now get them all in a the bed together, video tape it, have it get "Stolen". All five of you can walk with millions more, SB can take on a more sexy darker air about her, JJ will be the king of Bad Boys, and the girls can feed their families. We get great porn, they get money and reinvention, win win I say. Hay maybe Tiger all his women, his wife, JJ, SB, all JJ's women in a mega-orgy. Oh wait dont for get about Reggie Bush and KK and all his women. That would be awesome. This is what its coming down to now...I cant wait for an apocalypse to happen. Then we will worry about food, shelter, protection, and life. Not who is screwing or not screwing who in hollywood. Because that is so important in life right now.


What is all this with the "Good Girls" going after "Bad Guys". Do they think they can change them? Once a A-hole, always a A-hole - I lost a lot of respect for Sandra when she married the jerk


I lost a lot of Respect for Bullock when she married that gear-head geek James. He's a classless grease monkey. I guess he likes his women sleezy. She needs to dump this goofy garage boy toy, and find a real man. Sandra: Look for someone whose idea of "Dressy" does'nt include overalls and stocking caps. Ok?

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