Ali Fedotowsky as The Bachelorette: First Look!

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After deftly side-stepping Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor and feigning sadness when he turned down her fake offer to return, Ali Fedotowsky has moved on.

To The Bachelorette!

Ali is already filming the upcoming season, which supposedly got underway March 10. That means by now, at least a few rose ceremonies must be in the books.

The contrived, yet entertaning drama begins May 24. Here are the first pics of Ali Fedotowsky since her starring role as The Bachelorette was announced.

You see, the gorgeous white dress indicates that she is a majorly classy babe, but pairing it with tennis shoes shows us that she's, like, totally super FUN!

Ali Fedotowsky as The Bachelorette: Do you approve?


I liked Ali on the Bachelor until the day she decided to leave. First of all it made no sense. When people interview for the Bachelor or Bachelorette, they know fully well the time contraints involved and one would think they have already discussed this with their employers. You would also think the "show" would make certain of these matters before hand. It was obvious that her reasoning for leaving was just a big lie because now she has all the time in the world to be the new Bachelorette. For this, I'm not so interested in watching the show this season.


Ali is "smart" in that she is manipulative, and nasty in knowing how to play people. The serority sister getting other people to join in with her to diss another person just because their jealous of them. Just because she's "pretty" doesn't make her a nice person. There are some beautiful people out there that are just "ugly" on the inside. People need to quit judging people for what they see on the outside, and start paying attention to who they are on the inside.


Ali is the best choice who is pretty, smart & classy. Women is not just beauty, we need to have a brain. I always admire intellectual and pretty women, it makes us so special.

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