Ali Fedotowsky Named The Bachelorette!

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As we've predicted for weeks, the lovely Ali Fedotowsky was announced as the next star of The Bachelorette on last night's "After the Final Rose" reunion special.

The foregone conclusion was announced in the hour of filler following The Bachelor season finale, during which star Jake Pavelka somehow picked Vienna Giradi.

Ali Fedotowsky was a fan favorite on The Bachelor and made Jake's final four, but left of her own accord following a successful hometown date in Massachusetts.

Ostensibly, she left because she feared losing her job at Facebook. In reality, she may have been angling (or being groomed) for The Bachelorette spot all along.

Regardless, she made a passionate, likely contrived plea to return to The Bachelor, but Jake shot her down, saying he'd gotten too close to the remaining girls.

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

Spurned by Jake Pavelka, but also by her own dubious reasons for leaving The Bachelor in the first place, Ali Fedotowsky will get another chance to find love on reality TV.

So there was Jake's one-time front-runner, broken up and out of luck. Until she quit her job (her last day was Friday) for an even better reality TV opportunity.

 "I'm flattered and I really feel great," she told Chris Harrison, who will again serve as host-pimp. "I am so thrilled and honored and grateful. I can't believe it."

"I'm not going to let fear dictate my life anymore," Ali said of her past apprehension this season. Mike Fleiss dictating it? That she's apparently all good with.

What do you think of the decision? Are you a card-carrying member of Team Ali, or would you have preferred Tenley Molzahn or somebody new all together?

Will Ali make a good Bachelorette?


I'm glad they picked Ali! She is a very sweet girl and she deserves to happy after everything she went threw. I think other people are just jealous of Ali. Me and my husband will be watching the show can't wait. Good luck to you Ali!


I am surprised at these vicious attacks from people who don't know the person they are slandering. Scary. Ali is my niece and I know she is a gentle, loving person who took care of her grandma.


I will not be watching the Allie as the bachelorette...i think she is a trouble making snob!!!


Please....Ali is a cat. She was picked because she is manipulative and mean. OMG, I can't think of a better villain than this girl. Vicious little snake. She knew that Jake wasn't going to pick her so she left the show so that she wouldn't be sent home. She reminded me of a cartoon character, flumping flat footed, in her slow motion, head hung low, poor me act. It's a wonder she didn't crawl down the hall to Jakes bedroom door. She's on the next season because she is vivious and mean spirited. This is a nasty nasty girl.


while watching the last season of the Bachelor, i always wondered what was Ali and some of the other women obsession with Viena . My point is they were not on the show for Viena they came for jake, so why didnt they focus on impressing Jake. infact i think their behaviour made him focus on Viena more. i think Gia would have been an excellent choice for the bachelorette if you are looking for a gorgeous woman with great qualities. I wish Jake and Viena the best.


Wow is it true that Tenley turned it down? That makes me sad! If not Tenley, then it should be Gia! What a sweetheart! and gorgeous, too! Ali's a pretty girl, but really seemed to orchestrate the whole mob mentality at the house.


Ali is not someone I care to see on TV ever again. She's a very mean person. To bad she's been chosen. ..........I hope she gets what she deserves........Looks like I will skip next season of the bachelorette.


WTF , wow ali i cant belive what yo did to jake ? like if you knew that being on the bachelo show you would have to find love then why would you leave becsue of your gay ass job ? wow like fuck youu ali and bytheway nobody really is going to watch the bachelorette cause im not !


I am extremely disappointed and doubt I'll watch much of this Bachelorette. Ali is a user and manipulator. That's all she did during the Bachelor and I'm glad Jake didn't select her. So all of a sudden her career isn't as important that she she can take this time to do the Bachelorette - get real!! And by the way an internet sales account rep - they are a dime a dozen. Sales jobs are always available so if she really did love Jake, she would have never left. Yes, it's all for television, but she's one I wouldn't trust worth anything.


she was by far the best, and it makes since that she got nervous number one, two her boss gave her permission this time. and 3 the only time she was mean was when she was talking about vienna and on the women tell all she went out there and apologized so i think yall need to stop bashing her bc ABC made the right decision for choosing her bc she was deff the favorite and im soo happy she is the next one!

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