Alberto Alvarez: Dr. Conrad Murray Stopped CPR on Michael Jackson to Hide Propofol

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Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez is making a shocking accusation against Dr. Conrad Murray, saying the doc halted CPR on Michael Jackson to hide vials of Propofol.

Alvarez, who called 911, told cops months after Jackson's death that Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol in a closet so that family and police wouldn't find them.

He told police he saw Dr. Murray running around the room hiding Propofol bottles in a closet near the room where the doctor administered the drug to Jackson.

This adds fuel to a prosecution theory that he covered up evidence.

According to Alvarez, Dr. Murray stopped doing CPR and handed Alvarez drug vials, instructing him to put them in a bag. Alvarez says he saw an IV in Jackson's leg.

He notes that Dr. Conrad Murray took Propofol vials and told Alvarez to put them in a plastic bag, then told Alvarez to put the plastic bag inside a canvas bag.

Alvarez also says Murray told him to remove the IV that contained a white milky substance (Propofol) in another canvas bag. Where the bags went is unclear.

Bad Doc

Jackson's mouth and eyes were wide open but there was no sign of life. He was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on June 25.

Alvarez also says that MJ's kids, Prince Michael and Paris, entered the room and cried as they watched Murray administer mouth-to-mouth on the lifeless star.

And there's this: After Jackson died, Murray said he needed to go back to the mansion to get cream Jackson had "so the world wouldn't find out about it."

Sources connected with Murray's defense say he hid nothing. Authorities found bottles of the anesthetic in what looks like a secret compartment of the closet.

Those sources say Alvarez's statement came two months after Jackson died and directly contradicts what the bodyguard told the police the day of MJ's death.

Murray sources say Alvarez never said anything about hiding Propofol at the scene. Dr. Murray told cops two days later where Propofol bottles could be found.

Law enforcement sources believe Murray connected a large bottle directly into the IV and a massive amount, which entered Jackson's system and killed him.


yea this is cynetta there was a lady that commented and said i quote :Micheal is the reason that micheals dead , and i figured that i would comment to say GOD is good all the time and who are u to judge we at the end have only one judge and thats the heavenly father


what a shame he thought more about getting rid of the drugs then to save michaels life.lets give this quack dr. some propofol and leave the room to make some calls. r.i.p. michael.


Whay I find absolutely astonishing is that in practically every comment, Dr Murray is being demonised...for his race, his girlfriend's 'greed',for allegedly committing murder etc. and yet not one person has been able to cope with the reality that Michael Jackson was a drug addict and had been for decades, long before Dr Murray entered his life. Michael used deceit, fraud, and his wealth and name to get what he wanted from a variety of naive and intimidated doctors. Michael is the reason that Michael is with it!


MJ fans all we want is JUSTICE for Michael. That's all. Some people want to talk about Michael was a addict, or he asked for the propofol. I don't care. If Michael was a bum on the street he deserve better care than what he got from Conrad Murray. A doctor first oath is to do no harm. To think that he stop CPR to clean up his mess is disgusting. It showed he was thinking of his self only. Waiting to call 911. Where were the emergency equipment he ought to had in cause there were an emergency? He could had had someone there to watch Michael if he had to step out of the room. And then to think that Michael's kids might have saw what was going on. How terrible. Justice for Michael.


If this was done, Conrad Murray the quake doctor ought to be facing more than four years in prison. He ought to be facing anywhere from 15 to 20 years in prison. I just want Justice for Michael. His license should be taken in Texas and Vegas. To think that this man is allow to see patients is horrible. I am so glad Joe Jackson file a wrongful death suit against Murray. I don't want him to try to make a penny off of killing Michael. I was watching an 1993 video of Micheal when he was on the Soul Train Awards and he was performing his song "Remember the Time". He was in a chair because he had sprained his ankle. I looked at him there in that chair, smiling, and still thrilling the audience as only he can. That's how great he was. All I could say to myself, wow, we've lost something extra, extra, extra, special.


I am readinG every article on the passing of Michael JACKSON. AND IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD FOR THE DR. 4 years of his life inside a prison and the lost of his job as a dr. What did michael do to him, when did he deside to kill him, why did he give him the drugs where did he get the idea? was it his girlfreind? who needed more money for her children. it must have been.


This is such a damn shame - he was only 50 and was a fantastic, talented entertainer............


he has been gone for 9 months an this murderer is still walking what is wrong with this world? i knew that doctor murdered mj the min i looked at him. an i am right. he needs to go to jail for life without ever a chance of getting out an whoever was involved should be punished too. the body guard i believe. he not gonna tell cops what he knows first time he talk to him if he was covering for that doctor. this is taking long time but let them take their time cuz more an more stuff will come against that doctor. u got that right luka. doctors are liars. they r pill pushers. i know they try to do it to me all the time. we can only hope that mj gets his justice


right after 911 my pastor told us to only go to american born and raised doctors.


Michael will be missed forever
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