Report: Dr. Conrad Murray Failed to Mention Propofol

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One minor point may have been omitted from Dr. Conrad Murray's initial statements about treating Michael Jackson: That he administered Propofol to the singer.

Propofol, of course, is likely what did Michael in. Details.

A paramedic report in the Jackson case, published by News of the World, reportedly says Dr. Murray withheld that fact from the EMTs on the fateful June day.

The report also states that paramedics felt Jackson was Michael dead when they got to the star's home but he demanded the icon be rushed to the hospital.

As the highest ranking medical professional present, his wish was granted. But did Dr. Conrad Murray request this only as a way to get himself off the hook?

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Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson was questionable at best, criminal at worst. Officials continue to probe what the star's personal physician did June 25.

Jackson had reportedly flatlined by the time paramedics arrived at the house, and he had no blood pressure, pulse or breath. His pupils were also dilated.

According to the report, Dr. Murray told paramedics Jackson was exhausted because he couldn't fall asleep and he had given Michael Lorazepam, a sedative.

Omitting that he gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors at trial.

The Michael Jackson death timeline and conflicting statements from Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges, should form the crux of their case.


he knew that propofol was not to be used outside a hospital, thats why he said's all about the money. r.i.p. michael u have alot of fans that still love u.


i can't beleive that he would'nt realize that Joseph would order another examination,of his son's body. Say what! why would he disregruard the intellegence of the coriner's examination. you know he is gonna try to bribe, the la courts with his salary, that Michael payed him. Now that's a allful twist of fate.


A lot of stuff went unmentioned at the time of Michael's death. I hope they include all of this in the new documentary "Gone Too Soon". I'm anxious to see it.


Jane Velez-Mitchell will be talking about Michael Jackson and drugs tonight on her show "Issues." She also knows all about addiction because she is a recovering alcoholic.


he wanted michael good and dead. he knew the propofol killed him. what happened to michael jackson's million dollar bag of money his mother said he kept under his bed? is that why he is dead.


i use lorazapam for years,they did not kill me.Mj was killed by propofol.


didnt i read about this 2 days ago......geez......

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