Who's the Bigger Douchebag, John Mayer or Jon Gosselin?

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John Mayer has long been considered the biggest douchebag in the celebrity universe, or perhaps the entire universe, but The Hollywood Gossip dot com.

We doubt we're alone in that assessment either. If you're still on the fence, see if you are after reading his recent moronic, homophobic, racist comments.

If there's another dude practically synonymous with douchebag, though, it's Jon Gosselin. If you know who Jon Gosselin is, we don't have to elaborate.

But who's the biggest d-bag of them all?

A douchebag is, per the all-knowing oracle of slang Urban Dictionary, "an individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth." That would be these two.

Moreover, it may be "compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears."

Sounds about right again.

The only question? Who's the biggest d-bag around? Vote in THG's survey below as the obnoxious namesakes vie for a prestigious, yet unenviable title ...

Who deserves the title of King of all Douchebags?


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John Mayer is not a d-bag. He's just misunderstood. And people who'd call him, that, only bases it on what they've heard from the tabloids. But john is a great musician, and he is really clever, people just don't get him, because they are less clever and stupid.




Jon Gollelin by far! He cheated on his wife! Then left her and his eight kids for the Ho! Jon Mayer's little comments don't even come close to that!


At least john meyer can make money with his talent. jon gosselin claim to fame is his 3 inch weenie.


I'd say its a toss-up. They are equally douchey.


Hands down John Mayer!


I haven't seen such narcissism since Scott Peterson. John Meyer, you come off as a fool's idea of a fool every time you open your mouth.