John Mayer: Racist AND Homophobic

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John Mayer is actually a pretty good guitar player. If only he would focus on that skill instead of opening his mouth in interviews (or at all), we'd be all set.

After apologizing for using the n-word and making racially charged statements in a Playboy article, the douchebag may need to say he's sorry yet again.

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The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is upset, understandably, that the 32-year-old singer used a gay slur, "f*g," in his remarks.

THG NOTE: Whose vocabulary even includes the n-word and the f-word in this day and age - let alone when one is being interviewed by a magazine?!

John Mayer, apparently. And few people are GLAAD.

John Mayer was always a douche. Now he's proving to be much worse.

"Just as he indicated in his apology that he meant no offense in his use of the racist slur, we hope his intent behind the F-word was not malicious," GLAAD wrote.

The group continued, "As a public figure with millions of fans, John Mayer should be more cognizant of the impact his casual use of both slurs can have."

Fittingly, Mayer used the slur talking about a kiss with Perez Hilton, who is gay, and who was in hot water last year for hurling that same slur at

"I can outgay this guy right now," Mayer said. "I grabbed him and gave him the dirtiest, tongue-iest kiss I ever put on anybody, almost as if I hated f*gs."

Uhh, whatever you say, John. Might want to keep your publicist on speed dial ... and/or go somewhere far, far away and never be heard from again.


Boycotting concerts and burned CD's? No freaking way. I can agree that some of his statements are stupid and at times hurting for some people, but he's just a guy with a bit too much confidence. He'll learn eventually, and until then, I will continue to love his music.


Good bye John Mayer, I hope your career you built with the hep of Black people is OVER! Boycott! And to the person who said they will go to his he can laugh at you and say "see, I told you I have a N pass"?


Mayer grew up in Litchfield, CT. In case you don't know, this is evem funnier than if he grew up in Westport. I always thought he was such a white weenie - the idea of him saying he has a "hood pass" or whatever, is hysterically funny. Why does he think this? Because some guy who plays better than him called him "bro" backstage somewhere? King of the Douche-0-sphere, I say. Only a card carrying Caucasian would talk like him.


How does finding blonde white girls more attractive than black girls make you a racist...? 0_o


Um, why didn't he apologize to all the the black women he publically hurt by saying his dick was a white supremist?? not because we want to screw him, but because we are constantly told by the media that our dark skin, full curvy figures, strong facial features and dark kinky hair is not as attractive as the blond hair,blue eyed women that john seems to have a thing for. All of his comments pissed me off, including the bs he said about Jess. I'm going to his concert next sunday but after than I'm done with him.


White people call themselves the "N" word these days. It just doesn't apply to blacks. I'm black and I don't know why this man is being persecuted.


I won't listen his song anymore.I hate a person who think he better than other people, I mean who are the same human!No matter we have black,yellow and white skin we also have heart,brain,bloond,I decide to don't support this guy anymore.yesterday I just put his song into the bin wow I love that way!


first of all who on this thread is saying 'n word'? no one! why are people sensitive? apart from the fact we're sentient beings designed to have emotions, take a history lesson. also if you choose to be a drunk, its a choice, but there was little choice in that historically racially charged word. ofcourse you don't care if peple call you honkey because it doesn't have the same history. although it's still pretty offensive to be called that, just not historically pain filled. still if you don't find it offensive, good for you. but other people are justified to be sensitive and offended also. we all have the right.


Dude, Harry, stfu!!! Bastard bi*ch!!!


bjco, do you really think John Mayer hates african-americans and gays? I don't think the context insinuates racism at fact, your comment "keep your mouth shut, white boy" sounds much more hateful and racist to me...


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