Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Worthy of the Controversy?

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This is what all the fuss was about?

For weeks, controversy raged around former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Not because he was a questionable NFL prospect, but because he and his mom had agreed to star in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family.

The spot aired early on in last night's game, and featured Mrs. Tebow briefly telling the story of how her son "almost didn't make it into this world." She didn't say a word about abortion or pregnancy termination, merely hinting at that issue.

The commercial then told viewers to visit the Focus on the Family website for more information.

The ad almost seems worthy of more controversy from the right than the left: couldn't the $2.5 million spent on it have been used more practically?

In a very weak crops of Super Bowl commercials, two others stood out for humor's sake:

The first starred a young boy that's very protective of his mother... and his chips.

The second featured a bunch of men in their underwear. Watch each one below and let us know: Which ad was your favorite?

[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/doritos-ad/" title="Doritos Ad"][/video]

[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/careerbuildercom-ad/" title="CareerBuilder.com Ad"][/video]


Tim Tebow's commercial was such a breath of fresh air. God bless him. Maybe our teenagers can learn from him.


Yeah, big fuss over nothing. That Doritos ad is hilarrrious


His mom was just so proud of him and glad she made her choices the way she did. What's wrong with that?


@Adam: you're right. We've changed the language in the post, but the gist of it was along your lines/points anyway:
Controversy over nothing, and this coming form a strong pro-choicer.


The Tebow ad didn't say a THING about terminating a pregnancy or not terminating a pregnancy. You continue to report on this story with information pushed forward by the pro-choice wing that decried the ad before they even saw it! The ad promoted family and sent people to an organization that provides help in raising families that are facing difficult circumstances. Stop making this about abortion for the love of all that is good!