Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Rankles Pro-Choice Advocates

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On the field, University of Florida senior Tim Tebow is stirring up a great deal of controversy: Will he succeed in the NFL as a quarterback? Will he be drafted in the first round? What position is he best suited for as a professional?

But those questions pale in comparison to the fervor Tebow is creating away from the gridiron.

The former Heisman Trophy winner is slated to star in air a 30-second Super Bowl commercial this season. It will be paid for by the Christian group Focus on the Family and will emphasize the football star's pro-life stance on abortion.

The ad, whose slogan is "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life," features Tebow and his mother Pam, who ignored doctor's orders to terminate her pregnancy.

The decision by CBS to air the $2.5 million commercial has come under fire from the Women’s Media Center. In a letter to the network, it writes:

CBS’s recent decision to air an anti-choice advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV was outrageous.  Even worse is the network’s about face from its own policy of rejecting controversial Super Bowl ads.  The Women’s Media Center, and organizations dedicated to reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice, are urging the network to immediately cancel this ad.

This does make for an interesting case, as free speech advocates will stand by the ad and point to the First Amendment.

Often misunderstood, this amendment has nothing to do with an instance such as this. It simply means one cannot be jailed solely for expressing one's views.

CBS, for example, has rejected numerous commercials in the past, such as campaigns on behalf of PETA, MoveOn.org and the United Church of Christ. It's surprising the network would approve such a clearly controversial spot.

Then again, how can something be "anti-choice," as the organization references above? Tebow isn't mandating an end to abortions, he's simply expressing a view, the choice he'd make if faced with the situation.

"I know some people won't agree with it, but I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe," he said.

Super Bowl XLIV airs live from Miami on Sunday, February 7. Will you tune in for it? Where you stand on this debate?


In the end the ad as aired was about the choice a woman made. Tim Tebow's mom. There was nothing controversial or offensive stated..unless some liberal thinks a lady giving birth is offensive. As for absurdity in the extreme CBS did in fact air a 12 minute mindless gushfest from the President minutes before kickoff. All he did was ramble and criticize Republicans while Katie Couric sat smiling shamelessly with her softball questions. Second year in a row we have had an Obamafest on Super Sunday. THAT is offensive.


for real tho shut the hell up, some women who chose to go on with their pregnancies don't always go on to treat their children as blessings and don't even make out that non liberals are free from hypocracies. And it's funny that you should think that its always the woman to blame if she has an abortion, say for instance she was raped or molested and got pregnant by a family member, Should she feel guilty then? You don't know what you're talking about. idiot.


Reasonably, sound thought: IT IS SO controdictive, so shameless to send CBS a letter stating "reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice", and yet, they want to shut up a mans opinion?!!! Those people need to get their undies untied from a mess.


I like that, too, typical far left, don't censor them. Haha. Remember, we have a "Democratic Society" that gives us the ability to have an opinion & speak it. Right means correct, but left does not mean wrong.
BTW, I'm a liberal(surprise, surprise!) but I am also pro death penalty & anti-immigration.
So...a question, how would you all feel if there was a pro-choice ad there? How loud would you be squawking then? I wonder...


If men were the ones getting pregnant abortion would be a sacrament. Why show a pro life ad when any ad with any sort of mom and child is essentially one? I mean I don't have a problem with them showing it, it just seems kind of pointless. I don't really see why CBS would be dumb enough to take on any ad dealing with politics during a football game. I just want to watch a game with funny commercials, I don't want to think about dead babies at halftime!


Juan, Pedro, Jose, whatever your name is, you're a dick. But I'm sure you know that. I doubt I'm the first person to tell you that.
That being said; why does the right always think they're right? The left has a different opinion, live with it. It doesn't make it wrong, just different. Talk about hypocrisy.


Typical far left. Don't you dare censor them or impede their free speech! But they will just as quick turn around and claim someone else's free speech is offensive and should be prohibited. Selfish people and their double standards.


If you are pro-choice you shouldn't have a problem with the ad...His mother chose life instead of abortion...It was her choice. Exactly, thank you! It really isn't that complicated people. You can't be pro-choice if you're advocating abortion as the only choice.


If you are pro-choice you shouldn't have a problem with the ad...His mother chose life instead of abortion...It was her choice.


Whatever...liberals want rights for themselves, being that they are genuine hypocrites, but do not think these liberties should apply to anyone else. All of these ads that they referred to as being "rejected" weren't rejected because of the subject, they were rejected because of offensive material. The pro-life is not offensive, unless you feel like abortion is a mistake and have a guilty conscious...therefore, you do not want to be reminded of it. If you are so adament about abortion being right, then you should have no offensive reaction to an ad that encourages pregnant women to consider not ending the life of their unborn children. Life is a choice, for some, for others...life is a blessing.