Tim Gunn Slams Kardashian Klothing Line

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So far, THG readers seem generally impressed by the Kardashian clothing line. Check out a sample from it NOW.

But don't count Project Runway star Tim Gunn among those impressed by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's stylings. Far from it.

"I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don’t think that that should be perpetuated. I’m sorry I’m sounding like an old farty snob, but it bothers me," he said during New York Fashion Week.

Kim in the Big Apple

If it makes the reality stars feel any better, Gunn doesn't have anything positive to say about the clothes worn by Jersey Shore cast members, either.

"Don’t even get me started. It is not a style to emulate. I know that the show is hugely popular. I will tell you it pains me when I hear 12-year-old girls say it’s their favorite show. You shouldn’t be watching it!"

It sounds like Snooki may be listening to Gunn. After all, she's reportedly ready to ditch any and all clothing and simply appear in the buff. No way Gunn could object to that, right?


Right on Tim Gunn!!! The Kardashians are nothing but posers Kim being the leader of the pack. And the BEBE line they did was soooo trashy and cheap looking basically the whole line looks like crap Kim wears. It's not about if Kim Kardashian is pretty we can all see that she is but classy is another story. Kim looks her best when she is covered up and keeps her mouth shut! Once she speaks it all goes down the drain. Well said Tim Gunn. Unlike most hollywood celebs who worked to get where there are . Kim got there by spreading her legs for the camera and leaching off her celeb contacts to put her name out there. Yes she knows how to navigate her way up the ladder and gets paid to do it... but doing it with class,respectability, and integrity is not something she knows nothing about. Which is why no matter how much money she makes and how much fame she gets the real people in hollywood will always look at her for what she is a cheap vulgar nasty Pretty Hoe.


I cannot believe that Gunn could possibly get away with making such a statement about such nice women, there TV drama is just that, a tv drama, and I am sure Tim Gunn does not have to worry about the Kardashian women messing his make-up. They are Ladies Mr. Gunn, you however, are not. Apologize!!


Be Cuz it's FUN HO's!!!!!!


I don"t believe they r posers but they do not have a keen fashion sense since they were raised post electronica and early 80's fasionistas? Which is highly different in 2day's age?? I hate to say but Kim looks like she has a few implants not only on her face but 2 others places??


fuk you all jealous people out there,just leave them alon. who is tim gunn he thinks he is a big sheat.if he is a project runway star he has a stile? if they are not important to you why are you talking about them?if it bothers you don't watch their show.dont make your life complicated.life is too short. be nice to each other.lots of celebrities dont have stile. why dont you talk about them?


Kim made her "brand" by tooting Ray-J's horn. With an introduction to fame like that you cannot have very high expectations from this woman. She will last as long as a burning match. Many of you KK fans out there would probably debase yourselves for 15mins of fame as well. Its a shame that the dumbing down of America has diminished our people's capacity to follow logic so drastically.


Didn't see the line but ifit's from LA, it is probably cheap looking yet super expensive ala the stores on Robertson in LA .. Not substantial in quality, literally limp design, and therefore cheesy looking.. But Kitson and Lisa Kline will rob you blind for a 1/16 ounce see through tee shirt.. let's just say Berdorf it's not! I would bet if you took the items of Jersey Shore and lined them up next to the ones from KK, and asked someone to ID which are which they would not be able to tell. They all look trashy.




@ vswilson, I couldn't have said it better myself. Kim doesn't care what Tim Gunn of Project Runway has to say. What she cares about is $$ she can bring in. That girl is a business woman first and foremost


Whether it is Kim Kadashian or any Kadashian,if anybody is able to
promote a clothing line,or a CD,or chocolate chip cookies,if the public buy it,let them enjoy their purchase.Mr. Gunn has made a name for himself in fashion,but Kim K.has made herself a brand,
love her or hate her,she is self sufficient,listens to the music in her heart,and knows how to toot her own horn.When Tim Gunn becomes yesterday's news,Kim K.will still be out there promoting the rest of the rabbits that she has in her hat!!

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