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If Brooke Mueller is being punished for past transgressions, you’d think a marriage to Charlie Sheen would be enough.

But since walking down the aisle with this shady actor, in the last three months alone, Mueller has…

… allegedly been beaten.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
(Getty Images)

… undergone wisdom tooth surgery.

… contracted pneumonia as a result of said surgery.

… entered a treament center for infectious disease.

… entered a rehab facility from which she recently left because an employee there leaked personal documents to the media.

The latest development has resulted in Mueller checking in to a new facility, as her lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ Brooke plans on filing a lawsuit against The Canyon in Malibu for invasion of privacy.

Reportedly, someone from this rehab center leaked Mueller’s admission form to the press. It contained personal information about Brooke and Galanter says he’ll bring a suit against The Canyon and plans “to have the individual responsible for leaking the information arrested.”

As for his client’s whereabouts, Galanter confirmed she’s continuing her rehabilitation “in a private, more secure, confidential environment” in Los Angeles.

“Brooke no longer feels she can go into a public facility because of the breach of confidentiality The Canyon committed,” Galanter said, adding another chapter to this sad mess of a soap opera.

** UPDATE: Mueller has returned home to complete her rehab.