Kim Kardashian Khristens New Kollection on NYC Katwalk

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Finally proving to the world that she's more than a willing sex tape participant and arm candy for Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian walked the catwalk today during New York Fashion Week.

The socialite showed off the clothing line she and her sisters have teamed up with Bebe to create - and those in attendance, such as Jenni "JWoWW" Farley, Adrienne Bailon and members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast - were impressed.

"I thought it was absolutely amazing," Bailon, a family friend, told E! News. "I'm so proud of Kim. I think that they've done an amazing job, all the girls, and I love the fact that the clothing actually looks like what the girls would wear."

Kim on the Katwalk

Also excited by what he saw? Fashion photographer and America's Next Top Model star Jay Manuel. He said:

"It's what I expected: something that women want to wear, sexy with an air of sophistication. I saw a little day, a little night. Sometimes I did see a little Khloé versus Kim, but what I saw was the different moods of the Kardashians."

We can't even think of anything snarky to say. Sure, we'd rather see Kim in nothing, but this hoodie/dress is actually sort of cool. Would you wear it?

Kim Kreation
Prayer for Myself

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uh yeah i liked the hooded dress outfit....when I saw it on the Fendi runway like a year or so ago.


marriage is 4 babies you gotta alot of hang ups, your ignorant and pointless statements are whats wrong with this society today! How racist, get over yourself, no matter what two races procreate it is necessary for the human race to thrive. Anyway, Kim has just ignored your statement and is still making money...


there was a time when i really didnt like kim, but come on, she seems to be a sweet person. so what about her past, everyone has a past, some good, some bad.
if they get married, so what! its not like its going to change my life. just leave them alone.
you only get one trip around, why stress about other peoples business?


Please, for the love of god, stop making fun of how kim kardashian's name is spelled. It was funny for the first 3 or 4 blog entries you did about her, but now it's washed up and, let's face it, rude. Whether you like kim or you dislike her, it's lame for you to not let up with the "Khristens new kollection on katwalk" stuff. She had absolutely no control over what her parents named her or her sisters. Yes, their names all start with a K. Grow up, and get over it.


@Ginaa--way to speak-up! I like your Spirit...Continue to fight the good fight...And that was a damn good question, too. I hope you get a great answer,but,who knows if that'll ever Not be a factor for some--ya' know? That's a sad reality,Ms. Ginaa...Later;Hollywood


Kim--Great Job! I told you, you had potential to be a lot more,than just an exquisite face and a delicious body--didn't I? I Love it when I'm right!Ha,ha! Seriously: Way to go...I'm proud of you...Keep the momentum going...Hollywood


@ marriage is 4 babies...that was pretty ignorant... When are we going to move away from race...smh...


I like Kim, I don't LOVE her, but I like her. She became a name (not famous, but her name got put out there) with that sex tape. I have got to hand it to her, she created a monster from that one tape. Yeah, her name got out there because she got some pipe from Ray J, but that was YEARS ago. Now look at her, she has endorsements, she gets paid STACKS to just appear in clubs...shes on the cover of magazine and she has her own show. That isn't because of Ray J. Like I said...I'm not obbessed with the chick, but aside from the sex tape thing, she is a business woman, and that is something to admire (other than that donk)


Snoooooore! When is her next sex tape coming out?

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