Snooki Nude Photos: Allegedly, Disgustingly Real

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The Jersey Shore cast just can't keep its pants on - on or off camera.

According to Radar Online, photos and video of Snooki nude have been obtained by someone and are for sale. Pics and videos are being shopped to media outlets.

Now Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, is notoriously unlucky in love. Now it appears she’s supplied a self-taken preview of what a potential boyfriend could be seeing.

Somehow we don't suspect it will fetch top dollar. After all, if you're trying to hawk pics of a 4'10" Oompa Loompa naked, you're really going after a niche market.

Even if you do want to see Snooki naked, just go to Karma every Wednesday night from Memorial Day-Labor Day. She falls out of her "dress" on a routine basis.

Snooki Polizzi Pic

For the right price, you could own nude pics of this goddess.

Snooki is not the first of the Jersey Shore gang to be tied to a nude photo story. Just last week, we reported that there are pics of J-Woww nude up for sale too.

Once again, do you really need to shell out big bucks for that? Just spend $4.95 on one of those gross bodybuilding magazines, it's pretty much the same thing.

As for Nicole Polizzi, the stills and video show her "wearing only a smile." In one photo she is in her bedroom, on her knees, one hand on the ground and the other holding the bed frame. She is looking at the camera with her head tilted slightly.

Her nail polish is plainly visible. Another shot is "too graphic to describe."

Please, try to projectile vomit away from the computer screen.


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