The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Rozlyn Papa Confronted on "Women Tell All" Special

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The season finale of The Bachelor is not until March 1. On that night, Jake Pavelka will choose, most likely foolishly, between Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn.

This coming Monday is the pre-finale "Women Tell All" special. Which is a misnomer, as they actually tell very little, and ABC only airs what fits its narratives.

But anyway.

This filler is perhaps most notable for the return of exiled hopeful Rozlyn Papa, who was infamously banished for "inappropriate" relations with a staff member.

As you can see in this sneak peek, one of the other girls attempts to call her out ... for not being in her room at 4 a.m.! OMG! She totally boned the producer!

Watch the one-sided nonsense below ...

Despite what the previews might imply, don't expect Rozlyn Papa and Jake Pavelka to interact, or for her sparring with Chris Harrison to be aired (at least in its entirety).

That would be way too fair and actually interesting.

As for the remaining two girls, early favorite Rozlyn indicated a preference for Team Tenley Molzahn after being ousted. Many fans surely agree with her take.

Who do you think should win?


OMG! I'm dying over Rozlyn's lip gloss Please let me know the brand and color!!!! gorgeous


Who designed Rozlyn's dress for women tell all and what kind of lip gloss was she wearing? I think shes great and the show made it into a big scandal so there would be somthing juicy to watch.


Rozlyn is great...she held her own and she is really sharp! I believe that they just blew the a few unfounded incidents to create a matter of fact the night she was released I found it suspect that the very room that she returned to in order to pack her thins they camera panned to a dead rose...uh where did that dead rose come from all of a sudden when they had just issued the first fresh roses?! It was set up...I'm glad she threw in that jab about him hitting on someone's wife in New Zealand hahaha!! Priceless ..."yeah just what are you confused about?"

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