Report: Ex-Boyfriend of Vienna Girardi Arrested For Stalking Her

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Vienna Girardi is one of two women left on The Bachelor. As she battles with Tenley Molzahn for the final rose, America learns one shady thing about her after another.

Yesterday, we reported that The Bachelor bad girl was involved with a secret boyfriend before, during and since returning home from taping the ABC non-reality show.

While Vienna Girardi has been accused of stalking her ex, Brian Lee Smith, he personally was arrested in October of last year for trespassing at her parents' home.

Smith was arrested oshortly before Vienna left to film The Bachelor. A Girardi source says the two are over, and Smith was refusing to let go of their relationship.

Here's the mug shot of this classy fella ...

Vienna Girardi's ex: Even crazier than she is!

Vienna has been accused of not leaving Smith and his new girlfriend alone since she returned home from taping The Bachelor. But a source close to her says, on the contrary, that Vienna has not seen Brian since he was arrested in her yard.

The source claims that Smith simply could not accept they were over and was even banging on the front door at Vienna's parents house the night he was arrested.

As for Vienna's take on the drama? "She's pretty much over it,” the source said.

The friend claims that when Vienna found out in the summer of 2009 that she was going to be a contestant on The Bachelor, she decided to break up with Smith.

That's when she set her sights on Jake Pavelka. But does she deserve him?!

Who should Jake choose on the season finale?


I fully agree with Amanda. That bitch knows her facts. But the best part is i have seen Vienna without makeup because i used to be a makeup artist for the show until i got fired for sexually assulting a contestant. And boy is she one ugly chick with many zits and not to mention all the blemishes


This bitch is crazy and it sounds like she deserves a crazy guy like her ex. If Jake knew what was good for him he would get the hell away from her. Besides I think deep down she is in love with her dad. During the hometown date they were just a little too close.


Why the fuck is her x stalking her? does she know she has messed up eyes, and her tits sag down to her hips!!!!!!!! and not to mention shes probably prego and has countless STD's.


How about for the next two bachelors / bachelorettes..Let the audience and fans vote who is the eligible bachelors...could be some great drama as we already know them somewhat..


Is it just me or does this chick look like Hailey Glassman?

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