Does Vienna Girardi Have a Secret Boyfriend?

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After an emotional episode of The Bachelor Monday, Jake Pavelka has narrowed his list of aspiring wives from 25 to two: Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi.

But has he already made up his mind - and is it the wrong choice? According to reports, one of the final two has a second guy on her mind back home.

Guess what? It's not Tenley!

Lee Smith, the ex-boyfriend of Vienna Girardi back home in Florida, is very much still in the picture with ditzy one, the new issue of Us Weekly proclaims.

"She wants to get back together with him," a source says, noting that Vienna remains "head over heels" for Smith, to perhaps rather unhealthy extremes.

Jake's Mistake

MISTAKE BY THE JAKE: Pavelka is asking for it by picking Vienna Girardi, which he reportedly does for reasons unknown. Lunacy, perhaps. Or her bubbly charm.

When The Bachelor wrapped production, Vienna rushed home to reunite with Smith, only to find he had taken up with local waitress Cassie Chamberlain.

"[Vienna] got so angry, she walked right into the house and to the bedroom," a source reveals, claiming Vienna "physically threatened" her and Smith.

The couple "woke up to see Vienna standing at the foot of the bed holding a wine bottle, like she was going to hit them with it." Better run for it, Jake!

THG NOTE: This is different than her ex-husband, who claims Vienna cheated on him while he was in Iraq and took all his money to pay for a boob job.

Okay, so if she was so in love, why would Girardi participate on The Bachelor? "To be famous," the source says. "She never thought she'd make it so far."

Who should Jake pick on the season finale?


R u kidding me?U ppl no nothing about her yet u spout crap about her I mean seriously engaged at 13 I went to get college with her.drug addict?Abortion?Wtf is wrong with u ppl?She's not the one with the fucked up life u guys saying crap r.GO FIX UR FUCKED UP LIFES!


This is rediculous, first of all, Vienna is not a drug addict and never was, so stop making up stupid lies like "i went to college with her" and whats with this "she was ingaged at age 13. GET A LIFE! you people are disgusting.


I also heard that she was an addict. I hope she can get her fucked up life back on track. I cant believe she was engaged at 13!!!!!!!!!!! What alying sack of shit on top of a hairy cunt from a whore.


I was one of Viennas best friend back in college. But i didnt see her much because she dropped out of college because she was addicted to marijuana, and had an abbortion. I wish my friend and i could see her again but we wouldnt know which friend she was looking at because of those fucked up eyes. I always knew she could do anything she wanted. I mean afterall she did 13 guys in two weeks at college. And she need s a boob updatr>


I don't think Jake should pick either one. I think he should be with Ali. Vienna is weird and cross-eyed, she looks like a stalker. Tenley looks like someone out of a cartoon, she's weird too....what was up with her jumping all over the couch like a 2 yr. old. Give me a break....Jake's an idiot because out of 25 women, he picks the 2 most immature ones. Maybe he deserves them and Ali should find someone worthy of her.


i think ake should have picked tenley. vienna is a weirdo!!! sometimes she looks cross eyed and what's up with the dark circles around her eyes? sorry if that sounds a little harsh but honestly, wtf is jake thinking?????


LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!! GET A LIFE. AND LEE SMITH is A GREAT MAN!!! sexxy too, he doesnt want anything to do with her. vise versa.let it go.


vienna is bad news. TEAM TENLEY/ALI!!!!!!!!!!!


Eh, Whatever. I like Vienna. I'm sure every one of those girls has done something an "ex" doesn't like. Which is why people HAVE ex's. Stop finding just anything to pick on. It's interesting how people come out of the hills to make announcements when they see someone is trying to move on and be happy. Makes me sick. I'll wait and see what happens, but so far, Vienna is adorable, and seemingly honest.

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