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The Hills star Kristin Cavallari has bigger problems than terrible choices in men. She raised eyebrows for all the wrong reasons during Super Bowl weekend in Miami.

“She was wasted the entire time,” a source says, and we’re not talking about margaritas. “She was going around to everyone, asking them to score her some coke.”

Cavallari’s lawyer refutes these Us Weekly allegations, but those close to the party girl 23-year-old say those Super Bowl antics are not only true, but typical.

Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll Photo

“Her issues are becoming apparent to everyone,” an insider reveals. “She’s doing coke, getting scary-thin and not showering regularly… She’s clearly unhealthy.”

Not showering regularly? Man, Justin-Bobby sure did a number on her.

Kristin Cavallari seeks coke. Or a bra. [Photo:]

Friends and Hills co-stars Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt have all urged Kristin Cavallari to check into rehab, but to no avail.

“She doesn’t think she has a problem,” a source says. They never do.

It’s also affecting her “work,” if you can call it that. The erratic, gaunt actress reality star has become chronically tardy to Hills tapings, if she shows up at all.

The Hills broaching her drug use may be just a matter of time, too.

“Her drug problem finally became an unavoidable conversation topic on film,” an insider says. “If MTV decides to use the footage, it will be clear to everyone.”