Kate Gosselin on Jon's Penis: "It's Stubby"

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Last week, Hailey Glassman told Steppin' Out magazine that her ex-beau Jon Gosselin's penis is "tiny, tiny, tiny." Not a lot of room for interpretation there.

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    What a whore, that's completely inappropriate.

    I bet her vagina is large and stinky but Jon isn't gonna say anything about it...




    IF she did say it, that would really go a long way toward verifying that she really is a 'high road taker', well, the taker part fits. She is so low she'd have to climb up to reach the low road.


    on trashed his apartment & the tried to have Hailey arrested for it. She's only getting her revenge. But you have to wonder why any woman would want to sleep with that flabby, greasy washed up wannabe in the first palce. Pathetic loser!


    A bigger speed, motor boat would reach England much faster than a slow, lil' jon row boat. He is East Asian, what do you expect.


    Grant, mydear man, it's not Kate saying such things. It's his ex,Hailey Glassman. She's notoriously without class or any social grace whatsoever. Nice girls don't go around discussing their ex's penis size.It's not ladylike, but then, neither is she. I thinkpretty little Kate is about the best he's going to do.


    Size does not matter if they know what to do with it. Had LARGE men that did not know anything about sex, and had small men who definately did. I agree 100% with NAN, she is a real woman who knows how to appreciate a man and not for his size.
    Mocking Jon from both chicklets, especially his WIFE KATE and mocking him in public to friends is humiliating and shows she has NO CLASS.


    I really could have happily lived out the rest of my life without knowing anything about John's chode(short, stubby tuna can of a penis)!JustTMI, Hailey. No more information, please!


    She wasn't complaining last summer. Liar.


    It says, someone said Kate said these things-- i don't think she did. always someone wanting to put her down. She would not have said this because of the children. Now Hailey came out and said this, i think she is just trying to stay in the lime light.

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