Morgan Christie: Dating Jon Gosselin For Some Reason!

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Looks like Jon Gosselin is once again spoken for - by Morgan Christie!

A 25-year-old from Greenwich, Conn., and now making her home in California, "She grew up very privileged, tons of money," one People source says of Morgan.

The former Emory University student is the mystery chick Jon reportedly met while skiing in Utah over the holidays. Some of Christie's relatives live in that state.

"Jon met Morgan over Thanksgiving while snowboarding in Utah. They've been inseparable ever since," said a source. "They talk and text throughout the day."

High Rollin'

DA KING OF PIMPZ: Jon Gosselin has struck again!

A source adds that Morgan may have played a role, indirectly, in Hailey Glassman's alleged trashing of Jon's NYC apartment - supposedly triggered by his cheating.

Morgan Christie was actually with Jon when he found his apartment ransacked, but they "immediately drove to Pennsylvania" and crashed there after the incident.

Apparently things are going well between the two. Jon is supposedly determined to keep this relationship out of the spotlight. We'll believe that when we see it!

Little else is know about Jon's new piece at this time, but we're sure that will change soon. Follow the jump for a photo of Morgan Christie the Enquirer unearthed:

This is Morgan Christie. That is Jon Gosselin. Run for it, Morgan.

UPDATE, 1/26/2010: This relationship is still in effect, and heating up! The two were spotted in Park City, Utah, flaunting PDAs all over the Sundance Film Festival.

Jon Gosselin is even rumored to be moving in with Morgan Christie soon. Sure enough, the girl's family has big bucks. Like Hailey Glassman's. Dude has a type: Rich.


wow people really need to back off jon and katie...because nobody knows what they would do if they were in there shoes, having eight kids a tv show and being thrown hundreds of chances to different things with there fame...and those kids arent beaten or mistreated they have everything they could ever want...granted the parents are away sometimes, but you cant tell me that they are the only family in america or the world that leaves there children with nannys while they are gone for a couple weeks..and for the fame, if you dont like what they are doing the quite making a fuss about it because then they will have nothing bc people wont be putting them in the spotlight because they would be old me personally i love jon and katie and totally support what they are doing for the children,.life is hard you have to make tough decisions and sometimes that means being away for awhild to give your kids what they want and need,,,


We all have priorities in life. When these beautiful children grow up they will remember while their mother made each one of her children’s well-being her first priority they will remember their father’s was spending time and money on expensive cars, dating young women, being in the media - as what!!! he can't do anything. I’m not saying he doesn’t love his children but he is a part-time parent. He should also give up smoking if he is serious about wanting to be around to see them grow up.


Could someone please, tell me why it is that either of these whack jobs still have custody of their kids?!? If any other parent in America took there kids to a babysitter & left to sleep around, make videos, leave the state & do any of the other crap either of them do, childrens protective services would have snatched those kids so fast their heads would spin OH WAIT Kate's already does! Give me a break, they need to focus on their children before the kids wind up on one of those True Hollywood Stories.


Romeo Munchkin really gets around.These women must be desperately looking for attention,or Romeo is telling them something that they want to hear.In any case,he still has a houseful of children,
but you only see him with these young air-head bubble-brained women.If these young women were truly interested in Romeo,they would be trying to encourage this Munchkin to spend more quality time with his children instead of just being out there having fun,
fun,fun, while Kate is at home fuming,and taking on real responsibilities.I've seen males act better on "Wild Kingdom".


another young gold digger who wants some fame


That pic of Jon and Morgan makes Jon look like the predator he really is!!


mmc....It's about time there is some support for Jon. Your words hit it on the nail......


If he spent half as much time being a dad as he did trying to pick up girls, he probably wouldnt be in this mess.


Jon is a man WHORE!


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