Ex-Husband of Vienna Girardi to Jake Pavelka: Run!

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Sgt. Josh Riley, former husband of The Bachelor hopeful Vienna Girardi, says Jake Pavelka shouldn't make the same mistake he did and trust that vixen.

Riley, who was married to the abrasive, annoying 23-year-old blonde for 10 months, is now revealing what he calls her lying, cheating and stealing ways.

Not only is Vienna Girardi a pathological liar - “It was hard to know what was true and what wasn’t,” - the Marine says she cheated while he was in Iraq.

It gets worse. Josh says Vienna’s most shocking move came during their separation, when she slept with his friend and drained their joint bank account.

Vienna Girardi, Jake Pavelka

If Bachelor spoilers are to be believed, Jake Pavelka is f*%ked!

“He lived in a trailer next to mine. One of his housemates told me, ‘Hey, man, I don’t know if you know, but the ol’ boy had sex with your wife!’” Riley said.

“A month later, my friend admitted to me that it was true.”

Josh also said that, while in Kuwait, Vienna secretly removed $5,000 from their joint checking account that she later used to fund breast enhancement surgery. "I can't believe I actually paid for her boob job!" a shocked Sgt. Riley said.

Now remarried with a 15-month-old son, Riley has a warning for Jake Pavelka, who has made Vienna one of the final three girls standing this season.

"I would advise him to run as fast as he can, but it might be too late," he says.

"If he has any plans of marrying her, he should know she cheated on me, stole my money and even got me in trouble with the military with her big mouth."


Thank God this drama is OVER. both of them need to take time alone to find out who they really are.


If this is the same ass that was on ashleys herberts seoson of the show u dont have any room to talk u no good fool u had a girlfriend on that season u homely looking goof who would date u my dog is better looking than u and thats an insult to my baby.


aye??!! Jake is a fake!! He doesnt deserve any woman.


I liked Vienna.. I am not sure who to trust when it comes to the accusations towards each other... I loved that Jake didn`t believe anyone when they said Vienna was a bitch.. she had more personality and charm then the other girls in sum..But girls can be so evil towards the popular girl, especially if she is not a stereotype popular girl.. Vienna was so special, I love real ppl like her.... I was so sad when she and Jake broke up.. And so said that they had such a hard time liking each other after the break up.. If they had stayed together it would have been the love story of the year... WHY?!!! GRRRR.... It made me believe in love again... then NOPE =(


Jake and Vienna broke up. She cheated on him. He didn't treat her too well either.


No matter how much Vienna continues to lie about what she did to her ex husband, the truth will stand. This whole Bachelor thing is staged and she is in it for the money! She took 5000.00 out of her husbands bank account for her boob job after they were separated and he was on a ship in the middle of the ocean and couldnt stop her. She lied in People Mag saying she got the boob job after the divorce! She got it two months before the divorce was final. It's about character and she has none. Jake deserves what he gets if he continues hanging himself with Vienna. No amount of money if worth Vienna!


i like that ice cream vienna mocha chunk


tenley is a whore plain and simple


I sooooo wish he had picked Ally or Tenley. I think Vienna is going to break his heart. Maybe not right away but after the "honeymoon" is over. I just pray there are NO kids involved or she will be in his wallet for some time to come!!!!!!!!!!


You know its Jakes choice who he loves in his LIFE! If he chose her too love then good luck too him! Its no ones business who jake wants too spend his life with.NOone is perfect in this world there is always something in every relationship! Good luck JAKE and Vienna !

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