Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney: Doomed to Fail!

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One minute, they're considering a family.

The next, their relationship is "doomed to fail," reports state.

Such is the tumultuous world inhibited by Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney, at least according to The National Enquirer. Indeed, while every other tabloid on the planet invents rumors about a Brangelina break-up, this newspaper creates stories about the Oscar-nominated star and his Italian girlfriend.

The latest? Canalis is crazy with jealousy!

"Elisabetta gets very possessive when George pays too much attention to another woman," an anonymous friend said. "When other women get too close to him, she always slips her hand around his arm as if to say, 'He's mine!'"

For example, Elisabetta was supposedly full of rage at last month's Golden Globes when Julianna Margulies stopped to hug Clooney on her way to the stage.

The discontent allegedly continued at a party after the event, as "Elisabetta bristled at the parade of women who were very affectionate with kisses... and the fact that George enjoyed the attention."

This insider adds that Clooney is merely friends with these female acquaintances, and Canalis is risking her relationship by taking issue with his interactions. Actually, that's not exactly how the source put it. He said:

"George is very comfortable with Elisabetta, but if she starts rocking his boat regarding his friendships with women, she'll find herself walking the plank."

That doesn't sound like a made-up quote at all, does it?


She's being implicated in a cocaine and prostitution scandal in Italy. go figure! Now she can become Paris Hilton's BFF since Paris just got busted for the fine white powder - cocaine- in Las Vegas on August 27, 2010. Wonder if Elisabruta wants to walk the red carpet at the Emmy's now, since cocaine will be the talk of the night. Perhaps she can display for photogs how it's down and how gooned out it makes you just like her night at the Oscars looky like a scary, drugged out mess that she is/was.


she's looking old and stinky .


Well,I agree that Mr Clooney did not find his real soul mate...but it is his right..he is just ordinary humans as we all do...why you people or paparazzo likes to push your nose anywhere...but for me if i am one of those kind of movie famous persons would not care at all on what they write or if they follow..it is also their job...they need to live aand earning monay too...I am sure mr clooney has a lot of other things to do and he is strong and inteligent as well...all the best....his Sanja..


Mr. Clooney is trying to portray his current "pet" to the media as an actress when, in fact, she's nothing more than a gold-digger. Sadly, it seems Mr. Clooney is infatuated with the whole romantic idea of dating an Italian woman, when in fact he better get a better idea of the pitfalls that lie ahead of him, if indeed he keeps this relationship going. Perhaps he should delve a little further into Ms. Canalis' past history (nude photos and all). . .


Maybe Pat is right, it's not looking good for these two. Well, love is life's great teacher, no? Best of luck to them both. What's up with tin foil hat Horus?


I think Clooney is very handsome, funny and just love to gaze upon him. Modern day Cary Grant.


As I've said. It ain't happening people. And most intelligent people said, "Italian girlfriend? Watch out!" What defines the culture typically defines it's people. Hot tempered love and angry sex are great for a while, but instead of ripening with age it tends to rot and stink.


Dorky chicks in wacky dresses don't change the truth about a man's lack of screenplay writing talent.


It's a can of lies that that script wasn't stolen. Script thieves should accept that they have little talent and stop harming others with a criminal attempt to be perceived as something you aren't. Greedy people are fascist pigs.


this guy wants so much to be this generations sinatra....womanizing and gambling about...where is the crooning cd of standards? you know he wants to put one out....

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