Angelina Jolie Visits Haiti, Is Awesome

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Yesterday, we showered Angelina Jolie with praise due to her personal involvement in so many charitable causes, the latest of which being the earthquake in Haiti.

For irrational, jealous reasons, however, many haters commented that Jolie only pretends to care about the less fortunate because it helps her image.

There's no proof of this, merely the assumption that someone who once acted strangely (i.e. wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck) couldn't possibly have a selfless bone in her body. We find this narrow-minded and absurd.

But even if we were to grant the premise that Jolie has ulterior motives for her actions, we ask readers: SO WHAT?

Does that make her money any less helpful to the charities it is given to? Does this make her presence any less inspiring to the Haitians she visited this week?

Jolie in Haiti

Instead of taking wild guesses about what's going on inside Angelina's mind and heart, why not look at the actions themselves:

She and Brad Pitt have donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti. She visited the SOS NGO Village for children in Port-au-Prince yesterday, along with the Doctors Without Borders hospital in the region.

You want to believe this is all some calculated PR move? Go right ahead, even though we pity you for taking such a cynical, negative stance.

But in an era where Kim Kardashian is admired by millions for posing on the red carpet, isn't it refreshing to see Jolie on the front lines of poverty, regardless of her internal motivations for being there?

The people of Haiti sure think so. Watch their reaction to Angelina in the video below.


Some of you haters must just be nasty by nature... cause you dont make a lot of sense. Angelina Jolie has been on the ground working with children and the dispossed for over 10 years. Yep 10 years of bringing smiles and aid into lives that wont ever enjoy the riches most of you haters wallow in... For god sake give credit where its due. Get it....she was doin all this before she got together with Pitt who had already left a marriage that he admitted he wasnt present in. Its time to forgive, you all forgave Julia Roberts and she did actually brake up a marriage. Why the double standards? Is it because Jolie is the ultimate woman that women love to hate(because she has it all)? You have to ask yourself why?


fantastic to visit a site where readers arent completely manipulated by sarcasm, and lies. Angelina Jolie has been on the ground working for children and the dispossed for 10yrs now. long before the tabloids became completely obssesed with slandering her and her relationship with Pitt. On some sites there are outrageous racist slurrs written about their children, the hate generated by magazines and pigs like Halperin is incredible to read, truly incredible.


well i love angelina movies and all, but some of you people are completely out of your minds insane with you're obsession with angelina. i like that she donates to charities, but so do a lot of people, many rich and famous people donate just as much if not more then she does, but they don't get recognition for it. and to teddy, to say anyone is better then another person completely sets back equality movements all around the world. you should read the constitution where it says that everyone is created equal. i also don't think she's all that good-looking, sorry, no one's beauty is a fact, beauty is different in each person's eyes, some people like her strange looks, and others admire classic beauty. many of you people are hypocrites, you say not to judge angelina cuz they don't know her in person, but you act like you do, and you're judging people you have never met or even seen. look at the pot calling the kettle black


@Nikki, you should be in school. Angelina should not be your priority right now. Expanding your English should be. When you're voted most beautiful by countless mags or become a Goodwill ambassador (or just contribute to society) then maybe you can talk about her looks or crap on her humanitarian efforts. Until then, you're SO beneath her...We need more Angies and less Nikki's and all the rest of the no good loser posse please!


right... people will say something against Angie, but though the fact remains she helped and helped a lot of people desperately in need... no matter what the say about Angie, I WILL ALWAYS ADMIRE and LOVE HER... GOD BLESS ANGIE AND TO YOUR FAMILY.


uhh. wow, not only does she exploit her kids for media attention, she exploits children with no homes or parent. way to be the most selfish and ugly person out there, inside and especially out with her vampire-like appearance and masculine jaw and big eyes


Part of raising children is to set a good example for them...and that is what AJ is doing. She wants her children to be citizens of the world and take responsibility for the less fortunate...something I think more parents could learn from!! how can that be irresponsible. as for her doing too many parents work 12 hr days in corporate world...and they are one of the few that take their kids on location with them...the family stays together..beautiful!! even Nicole Kidman is emulating her in many ways...her and Keith now have the 3 day rule like AJ & BP and she now has AJ's manager....
as for photographers....SOS sent me an email yesterday all about AJ's visit...and UNHCR has it all over their website....those were the's her job and responsibility as Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR...and she's critisized for taking it seriously and actually going on location......interesting.....well thought out hate always is...


Hey guys!! I'm just basing my opinions on what I see on the gosip sites. Of course NONE of us here know exactly what happened with that entire situation even if it seems like an open and closed case of "She lured him, he cheated, she bagged him" I'm just TIRED of Angie being put in the role of a villaness. Face it, the general public IS going to blame her because people are stupid and make thier own assumtions based of what they see on line at walmart. That is going to have to be her burden to carry, regardless of the truth, and she has done a FINE job of it thus far. People just love scandals...and its sad, because all the great humanitarian work she does all over gets lost in the "OMGWTF BRAD AND ANGIE TO GIVE BIRTH ON THE MOON!!"


TO : not impress with aj Says: ahhh did it not occur to YOU that Angelina was being escorted by the UN soldier just because she's a UNCHR Goodwill Ambassador stop reading tabloids mag it's making your brain rot. Angelina has been working with UNHCR since 2001. And for those saying that Angelina bring photographer and columnist when on her tour of duty helloooo braindead .. it's a UN photographer and the one who published article about her work is also the UNHCR stop hating somebody that did not do anything bad to you or your family.


If people criticize someone for humanitarian efforts - something is seriously wrong with them. What else is there even to say about such ignorance. They do it because they like J.A. - it is pathetic. She is admired and respected by compassionate and intelligent people and all of those that are in need.


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